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Praying with Young Children

Praying with Young ChildrenPodcast
by Sr. Mary Alma
Sister Mary Alma, CK, shares a simple method of helping children pray with Scripture and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus.
Date: 12/20/16
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Good Pictures Bad Pictures

Good Pictures Bad PicturesPodcast
by Matt and Jennifer Davis
Jennifer and Matt discuss the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures and offer pointers on how parents can best teach it to their children.
Date: 10/26/16
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God's Abundant Mercy

God's Abundant MercyPodcast
by Fr. Eric Clark
Fr. Clark, assistant pastor of St. Michael Parish in Lincoln, shares reflections on Divine Mercy and receiving graces in the Year of Mercy and beyond.
Date: 10/16/16
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National Directory for Catechesis (part 1 of 2)

National Directory for Catechesis (part 1 of 2)Podcast
by Fr. Andrew Heaslip
Father Andrew Heaslip discusses four key aspects of catechesis as described in the National Directory for Catechesis. The presentation of the Christian message centers on Jesus Christ, introduces the Trinitarian dimension of the Gospel, proclaims the Good News of salvation, and comes from and leads to the Church.
Date: 9/4/16
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National Directory for Catechesis (part 2 of 2)

National Directory for Catechesis (part 2 of 2)Podcast
by Fr. Andrew Heaslip
Father Heaslip shares with listeners the importance of five further points for imparting the Christian message, as described in the National Directory for Catechesis. Authentic catechesis has a historical character, seeks authentic inculturation, respects the hierarchy of truths, communicates the dignity of the human person, and fosters a common language of faith.
Date: 9/4/16
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Scripture and Catechesis

Scripture and CatechesisPodcast
by Dr. Peter Williamson
Dr. Peter Williamson, a scripture professor and author, discusses the role of scripture in catechesis especially in the family.
Date: 7/22/16
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Gravissimum Educationis

Gravissimum EducationisPodcast
by Fr. Lee Jirovsky
Reflections on the Vatican II declaration on Christian Education, Gravissimum Educationis.
Date: 7/6/16
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Reaching Young People Today

Reaching Young People TodayPodcast
by Jeff Schinstock and Sister Mary Catherine
Discusses methods for reaching the minds and hearts of young people today.
Date: 6/28/16
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Christ Our Teacher Intro

Christ Our Teacher IntroPodcast
by Fr. Heaslip and Sr. Catherine
Introduces the purpose of the Christ Our Teacher Podcast series. Focuses on the centrality of Christ for the life and teachings of all who pass on the Catholic Faith.
Date: 6/21/16
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