Catholic Order of Foresters

History of Caring
Catholic Order of Foresters is a trusted, century-old Catholic fraternal benefit society dedicated to providing Catholics with financial security and opportunities for spiritual, social, and charitable growth.

The word “fraternal” means brotherhood and friendship—and that’s what Catholic Order of Foresters is all about. COF members are people helping people, bonding together for mutual support—loving and serving God by giving our physical, financial, and spiritual resources to make a difference.

COF’s commitment to caring began in 1883 at Holy Family Parish in Chicago, Illinois. At that time, impoverished immigrants streamed into the United States, seeking a better life. When tragedy struck and families lost their breadwinner, friends and neighbors typically collected money for burial expenses and to keep survivors from starving.

Those making burial collections eventually formed associations, generally based on religious or ethnic backgrounds. Often these societies became focal points for community life. Catholic Order of Foresters grew from this foundation and, for more than a century, has aided individuals, families, and communities in need.

Each COF member holds a Catholic Order of Foresters membership certificate and eligibility for COF’s unique added-value fraternal benefits, which enhance membership and set us apart from commercial companies. Through added-value fraternal benefits, we bring Catholic values to life with scholarships and educational awards, tuition assistance for Catholic school students and public school students attending Catholic religious education programs. We also provide newborn and orphan benefits.

Through local courts, member volunteers support Catholic and community causes. Our successful Matching Funds Program© of charitable giving allows courts to raise money for school, parish, community, and humanitarian needs.

Our members form a fraternal network of more than 400 local courts, offering social, educational, spiritual, and benevolent activities. COF also welcomes and encourages members to participate in the Order’s leadership and government.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you enjoy the experience of helping others and associating with people who share your values, you may be interested in getting involved with a court. To join our local Lincoln Diocese court, please call Tim Vinton, 402-817-1065.

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