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Diocese of Lincoln Education Office


We, in the Diocesan Education Office, serve under the leadership and direction of Most Reverend James D. Conley, Bishop of Lincoln.  We work to help our schools realize a strong Catholic identity, vigorous and motivating academics, and safe and nurturing environments.  Our prayer and labors are directed to forming good citizens on earth and, most importantly, citizens of the heavenly kingdom.
Since 1862, Catholic school education has flourished in Southern Nebraska. The Diocesan Education Office currently serves over 600 teachers and 7700 students in six high schools and 27 elementary schools, including one special needs school.

Contact Information

Phone: 402-488-2040
Msgr. John Perkinton, Diocesan Superintendent
Phone: Ext. 400
Sr. Collette Bruskewitz, OSF, Assistant Superintendent
Phone: Ext. 303 Email Sr. Collette
Mr. Dave Friesen, Executive Assistant
Phone: Ext. 403 Email Mr. Friesen
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