Board of Directors

The Catholic Foundation of Southern Nebraska is governed by an independent Board of Directors comprised of four permanent directors and up to seventeen appointed directors. Appointed directors are lay men and women from across the Diocese of outstanding moral character with expertise in business, law, accounting and finance. The Board actively ensures the proper stewardship of all endowments managed by the Catholic Foundation in a manner that is both risk-appropriate and in accordance with Catholic moral teaching. The Board also engages the broader Catholic community regarding the benefits of charitable giving through the Catholic Foundation and is responsible for the distribution of endowment funds.

Name  Parish/Title
The Most Reverend James D. Conley President
Reverend Monsignor Timothy J. Thorburn Vicar General
Reverend Monsignor Liam M. Barr St. Joseph, Lincoln
Reverend Monsignor John Perkinton Diocesan Superintendent of Schools 
Reverend John Sullivan Blessed Sacrament, Lincoln
Chris Raun Executive Director
Scott Gubbels Appointed Director, Chair
Mike Klein Appointed Director, Vice Chair
Doroty Endacott Appointed Director, Secretary
Patt Kenner Appointed Director, Treasurer

Contact Information

Title: Executive Director
Name: Chris Raun
Phone: 402-488-2142
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