The Perils of Procrastination

I recently had a conversation with local parents who realized she waited too long to protect their family online.  Read about it here:


Unfiltered: Equipping parents for an ongoing conversation about internet pornography

Click this link to try CovenantEyes free for 30 days:


Catechesis on Motherhood and Fatherhood

How are we called to love as Mothers and Fathers? How does natureal motherhood and fatherhood impact our children and their relationship to God as Father? Why is internet pornography one of the greatest threats to the family today?

This 30 minute catechesis was given at North American Martyrs as an introduction to the Unfiltered workshop from covenanteyes.  To learn more about Covenanteyes and try it free for 30 days click here:

Lock down your yahoo and be aware of history

In the following video I give a brief tutorial of how to lock down the yahoo search engine on your home computer.  Pay attention at the end to learn why your browsers history may not be as accurate as you think!


Setting up Youtube safety mode

Android Parental controls

Setting the Parental controls on apple products

Setting up Google Safesearch

The vocation of protector--monitoring our children online

by Fr Sean Kilcawley

For the past six months I have spoken with many parents, young people, and couples about the dangers of the internet and technology.  More directly, I have been speaking to them about the danger of internet pornography.  Pornography poses a grave threat to individuals, couples and families, and society.  Viewing it results in a mixture of pleasure, guilt, and shame so although people experience it as something that “feels good” most people “feel bad” about themselves after doing so.  It is especially dangerous for young people who can easily find it accidentally.  A child who accidentally finds porn online is likely to feel a mixture of emotions that they are not prepared to process.  They feel excitement, curiosity, guilt, and then shame.  It is likely that they will not report this exposure out of fear of being punished, so it becomes a secret that they keep from parents.  The secret results in isolation, isolation can result in anxiety and the desire to escape or change one’s mood.  Then the very thing that caused the isolation becomes the remedy as they return to pornography to deal with negative emotions.

Read more: The vocation of protector--monitoring our children online

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