Project Rachel

Project Rachel is an outreach of the Catholic Church to anyone hurting psychologically or spiritually after involvement with abortion. Project Rachel counselors and clergy are specially trained to understand and help heal the psychological and spiritual pain of abortion.

This outreach is named after Rachel, the Old Testament figure mentioned by Jeremiah (31:16-17): "Thus says the Lord: Cease your cries of mourning. Wipe the tears from your eyes. The sorrow you have shown will have its reward. There is hope for your future."

Project Rachel offers a toll-free line through which callers will be given a confidential referral to either a specially trained counselor or clergy person. Project Rachel is open to anyone in need regardless of their faith background.

There is no initial charge for those who contact Project Rachel. If extended professional counseling is needed, fees will be based upon one’s ability to pay.

For more information on Project Rachel, go to:

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