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Pro-life movie ‘Voiceless’ in Lincoln Oct. 7-13

LINCOLN (SNR) – The pro-life movie “Voiceless” will be shown in Lincoln Oct. 7-13.

Marcus Cinema will show the film five times a day at the Grand and Edgewood theaters during that week. The movie has been brought to Lincoln through the efforts of Lincoln Right to Life and the Knights of Columbus Council #10510 at St. Peter Parish in Lincoln. They will decide whether to extend the film’s run a second week depending on the turn-out the first weekend.

“Voiceless” is the story of a recently discharged soldier who puts his life, marriage and freedom on the line to stop an abortion clinic from opening across the street from his church.

Jason Jones, producer of the well-known 2006 pro-life film “Bella” called the movie “thoughtful, sympathetic and non-judgemental.”

“It’s real,” he said, “but it’s attractive and is the one-two knockout punch to Planned Parenthood. The movie is amazing and could change America.”

Voiceless” is rated PG-13.

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