Office of Religious Education Mission Statement

The Office of Religious Education works with the Diocesan Bishop and Superintendent of Schools to facilitate an encounter with Our Lord Jesus Christ by providing religious education curriculum, materials, and resources for Catholic schools and parishes.


Under Curriculum Requirements you will find all the required curricula for the Diocese of Lincoln. The aim of each curriculum is to guide teachers in knowing what area of the Catholic Faith to cover in which year, what materials and resources to use, and what the best practices in Catechesis are.  This section includes curriculum for the Catholic Grade School and High School, for Parish CCD and God-Teens/CYO, for Confirmation and 9th Grade Chastity Education. Also included are Guidelines for Successful Catechesis, the Catholic Prayers used in the Diocese of Lincoln, and our Catechist Certification program.  



In order to assist parish and school teachers to successfully carry out the Diocesan Curricula, the Office of Religious Education and many fine teachers throughout the Diocese of Lincoln are working together to produce a variety of classroom materials.  These materials are being designed to correspond to the chapters of the Faith and Life Series published by Ignatius Press and the Didache Series published by the Midwest Theological Forum. While still in the process of development the goal is to have a Lesson, Powerpoint, Video, and Activity for each chapter in every year for Grade School, Parish CCD, High School, and God-teens/CYO. Additionally, this site provides a complete set of materials for Parish RCIA



The Religious Education Office is also happy to offer a wide variety of resources for our catechists and teachers. Our quarterly Catechist Newsletter enables one to stay up-to-date on the best materials and activities available in the Diocese. Our Audio Visual Library has over 250 titles for teachers to use in their classrooms throughout the year. We also offer a variety of Spanish Resources for our Hispanic and Bilingual parishes. Finally, the Religious Education Office offers a Catechist Tool Box, updated regularly, consisting of the best free and paid religious education resources that are both faithful to the Church's Magisterium as well as applicable in the classroom.




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