Diocesan Statement hoax 12-13-18

LINCOLN Dec. 13, 2018 (SNR) – Today around noon, as part of an apparent national-level hoax, a number of Catholic schools in the Lincoln area received an email message informing them of a bomb being located in their “business.” 

Following established protocols, the Lincoln Police Department was called and Lincoln Fire and Rescue was alerted. The police quickly determined that the bomb threat was a hoax.  At no time were children or school staff in danger.

Due to the widespread, multi-state nature of the event, the Lincoln Police are working with the FBI to investigate the case. 

“The incident serves as good reminder that our schools need to continue training and rehearsing our safety protocols,” said Dr. Matthew Hecker, chief administrative officer of the Diocese of Lincoln Catholic Schools. “Because of our good work in the past, we were quickly able to address the problem with a minimum of disruption to the school day. Kudos to our building administrators for their prompt and professional response to the situation as it unfolded.”

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