Good Friday and the Gospel of Life

Thursday, April 2, 2015

To the Catholic faithful of the Diocese of Lincoln, to fellow Christians, and to all friends who believe in the sanctity of life:

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day that the Church recalls the passion and death of Jesus Christ.  Christ became a prisoner to set each one of us free.  He was beaten and tormented, so that we might be glorified.  Jesus Christ was put to death, so that we might have eternal life. 

Earlier this week, I learned that Planned Parenthood Lincoln Health Center has temporarily suspended performing abortions in the city of Lincoln.  In fact, I have been told that Planned Parenthood will not resume performing abortions in Lincoln unless a new physician is found to conduct them.

Tomorrow, on Good Friday, please join me in prayer that abortions will never resume in the city of Lincoln.  Please pray for all doctors, that the Lord might reveal to them the dignity of human life.  Please pray for women, for families, and for all those tempted to consider abortion.  Please pray that each of us might be welcoming, supportive, and nurturing of every single human life.  And please pray that in Christ’s death and resurrection; a culture of life will transform hearts and minds in our city, our state, and in our world.

On Good Friday, at 3pm, I’ll join with others to pray the Stations of the Cross, outside of Planned Parenthood in Lincoln, at 48th and Old Cheney.  Our prayer will be a peaceful witness to life.  We’ll pray that the holy cross of Jesus Christ might redeem every human heart, and end the scourge of abortion in our community.  Please, I pray, join us tomorrow, or wherever you might be, join our prayers. 

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