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Intro to K-8 TOB from Teachers

Teachers from a variety of schools and grade levels have generously offered to share their insights and experiences on how to incorporate the K-8 TOB curriculum into their classrooms. Many of them have already piloted the more sensitive aspects of this curriculum and so are able to offer encouraging advice. Their variation in approaches and styles is meant to highlight that there are different ways in which the K-8 TOB curriculum can be applied for our students. Teachers are welcomed to watch their own grade level presentation, and perhaps the grade above and below, in order to gain useful tips and see different teaching styles. Each intro video is 30 to 50 min in length. The YouTube playlist includes (will include) videos for each grade level.

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TOB Teacher Seminar

In June of 2017, Father Sean Kilcawley offered a week long intensive seminar on Saint John Paul II’s catechesis on Human Love in the Divine Plan, for teachers and catechists. This course is of great help in preparing teachers to share the key TOB concepts with their students that are found in the new diocesan K-8 Theology of the Body curriculum. The YouTube playlist includes all fifteen videos. The major themes include: 1. TOB and the New Evangelization; 2. In the Beginning-Original Man; 3. Original Solitude & Unity; 4. Original Solitude, Unity & Innocence; 5. Original Innocence and Love; 6. Motherhood & Fatherhood; 7. Love and Attachment; 8. Appeal to the Heart - Historical Man; 9. Meaning of Shame; 10. Relationships & Gender Issues; 11. Concupiscence; 12. Eros & Ethos; 13. Marriage; 14. The New Adam; 15. Question and Answer.

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For those who prefer to listen to audio presentations and follow along with the powerpoint, below is the TOB teacher seminar from 2015

Audio Recordings for All Sessions

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