Grade School Curriculum - Revised 2018

The purpose of this Curriculum document is to clearly identify the student outcomes in the subject of Religion for Grades K-8 in the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lincoln.

This Curriculum provides guidance for those who teach Religion in Pre-K / Kindergarten through Eighth Grades. The specific outcomes are defined, but how the expected outcomes are met is dependent upon the individual teacher. This allows the teacher flexibility while maintaining the consistency of the Religion Curriculum.

The 2018 revised K-8 Curriculum is harmonized with the order and content of the Faith and Life textbook series. All points in black are covered in the scope and sequence of the textbook and all points in red are in addition to the textbook but organized thematically with textbook chapters.

Included in this document are:

1. Goals for student outcomes in Curriculum and Sacred Scripture

2. Course Objectives for K-8

3. Appendices on Prayer and the 92 Questions

Individual grade levels can be downloaded below which include the TOB grade level content in one convenient location.


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Kindergarten Curriculum

1st Grade Curriculum

2nd Grade Curriculum

3rd Grade Curriculum

4th Grade Curriculum

5th Grade Curriculum

6th Grade Curriculum

7th Grade Curriculum

8th Grade Curriculum

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