For Your Family!

Below you will find resources from events and series around the diocese for educating and teaching about the family!

Various Topics

The following talks are from a variety of places in the Diocese, but each of them is about the family.

"Love, Family, and New Evangelization." 2 talks by Fr. Sean Kilcawley

"Bringing Them Home: What To Do When Your Family Is Away From The Church."  by Nick Jorgensen

“Fighting for Our Families: Praying Like Never Before!” - by Matt Simons 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Coffee House 2013 Talk 4 (Matt Simons) - Click to Listen or Right Click to Download

Beyond the Manger: Becoming a Christ-Centered Family - by John and Ellen Soukup 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Coffee House 2013 Talk 3 (John and Ellen Soukup audio ) - Click to Listen or Right Click to Download (21.26 MB)

Marital Bliss or Marital Miss: What did God Intend for Marriage? - by Jim Jansen

Sunday November 10, 2013

Coffee House 2013 Talk 2 (Jim Jansen) - Click to Play or Right Click to Download

Sons of the Father in a Fatherless Society - by Fr. Sean Kilkawley
Sunday October 20, 2013

Catholic Coffee House, Talk 1 (Fr. Sean Kilkawley)  audio - Click to Play or Right Click to Download (24.08 MB)

"The Family as a School of Love"

Talk 1: Family as a School of Love

The opening week of our lenten series focuses on the role of the family in the new evangelization.  The family is the "human space" of our encounter with Christ, so if we want to spread the gospel, we must spread the gospel of the family.  If you enjoy this talk, there will be four more installments in the coming weeks with study group questions for your bible study, light of the world, or other faith sharing communities. By Fr. Sean Kilcawley.


Talk 2: The Family and Society: A Vocabulary Lesson Fr. Robert Barnhill, STL

Talk 3: The Domestic Church Fr. Nick Kipper, MA

Talk 4: The Family at Prayer Fr. Matthew Eickhoff, STL 

The Family as a School of Love (4 talks - audio)

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