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    To meet the spiritual and material demands of God’s Church today, while preparing for the future, the Diocese of Lincoln launched a historic campaign.  Joy of the Gospel was conducted in all parishes from August 2014 through December 2015 to address the most pressing needs of the Church.  The needs supported by these funds will significantly influence the scope of our mission long into the future.  The challenge is great, but so too are the faith, hope, vision, and generosity of the people of the Diocese of Lincoln.

    Bishop James D. Conley leads this effort with the support of clergy and lay leaders in every parish.  Every Catholic household in southern Nebraska was asked to consider a sacrificial pledge to the Joy of the Gospel.

    From its humble beginnings as a diocese more than 125 years ago, the Diocese of Lincoln has matured into a Church family that continues to respond to the needs of its people, and those in need within and beyond our local communities.  This is an exciting time in the history of our diocese.  We face distinct challenges, but those challenges bring opportunities which we will address with the most significant fundraising campaign in our history.

    Through your participation, your stewardship, and your generosity, we can respond to the needs of our Church.  Through the Joy of the Gospel, we can pass our faith on to future generations, ensuring they will also experience God’s love and live in the light of Christ in the Diocese of Lincoln.

pdf Read more about the Joy of the Gospel Campaign and the ways it supports the Diocese of Lincoln: Joy of the Gospel Case Brochure (pdf) (1.63 MB)

pdf Stock Donation Form (734 KB)  (pdf)
pdf Donation of Grain form (250 KB)  (pdf)
pdf Donation of Livestock form (188 KB)  (pdf)

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