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Q. If a baptized baby dies, is there a need to pray a parish/communal rosary for that child before his/her funeral Mass?

A. Great question. I do not know if there is any Church teaching on this.

My response would be that there would not be a “need” for a rosary because a baptized infant is incapable of sinning. That is, if the rosary is an intercessory prayer asking God for the forgiveness/atonement of any sins that a person may have committed, then it would appear that there is not a “need” for praying a rosary for an infant, because an infant is incapable of sinning.

Now, a family most likely would want to gather their loved ones and the parish community to pray with/for them in their grief. The rosary in the context of the Catholic Vigil for the Deceased would be a wonderful context in which to pray for that child and to console the family.

The loss of a child, in any situation, is an incredibly difficult reality to deal with. In praying the rosary at that time for the purpose of supporting the grieving family with supplications to the Lord, I believe that would give a family great consolation and remind us that Mary herself lost a child – Jesus. She certainly understands grief and the need for love and togetherness and brings our prayers to her Son at such times.

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