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Women's contributions celebrated on LDCCW Sunday

Who are the LDCCW? We are. And you are, too!

The Diocese of Lincoln will celebrate “LDCCW Sunday” Oct. 26. What is the LDCCW? Simply put, it is the Lincoln Diocesan Council of Catholic Women. Every woman, single or married, across the Diocese of Lincoln; women seeking to serve God through works of mercy.

On this particular Sunday, we invite you to get to know the active members of your Parish Council of Catholic Women (PCCW or “Altar Society”) and learn how they are serving God and His Church. Ask how you can help.  If already participating, invite someone new to accompany you. You’ll meet wonderful faith-filled women who will inspire and spiritually motivate you.  All Catholic women are welcome in the LDCCW! Let us introduce you to a few:

Lori Klitz, 36, wife and mother of four children between the ages of 3 months and 8 years, lives in Surprise and is a member of Immaculate Conception Parish in Ulysses. Lori is a fitness instructor at the YMCA and a stay-at-home mom.  

When asked to serve as president of the David City Deanery, Lori went home, prayed about it and discussed the idea with her husband. She said the only answer she could come up with was “why not”? so she accepted! 

“Even though my children are young, if you wait for the perfect time, I am sure there will never be one,” she said. “I had two children while serving as vice president and president.”

She has enjoyed attending the diocesan meetings, convention and symposium.

“We are truly an important group,” she said. “The number of people we help in a year is amazing and being a part of and knowing what all we do to serve and help others is truly a blessing.”

Lori said, “LDCCW is for all women, young and old. We all have so much to give. I wouldn’t have had any idea what the deanery or LDCCW was, had I not been asked to serve. I feel we need to make it known what LDCCW does and try to get more people involved.  If you truly want to, there is time for most things in our lives. Mary said, “Yes” didn’t she?” So should you!

Rose Kalvoda, 78, and her husband retired and moved to Hastings 12 years ago and became members of St. Michael Parish. Previously, they were members of Sacred Heart Parish in Lawrence for 44 years. They have five children, 10 grandchildren and 15 great- grandchildren.

Rosie has been involved in the parish Altar Society for 59 years and became active on the diocesan level as a deanery officer when a neighbor asked Rosie to accompany her to the diocesan meeting. Rosie said she learned so much about the LDCCW and felt fortunate to have the opportunity to attend and learn about the programs that were available through the council.

Serving as diocesan president from 1982-1984, Rosie gained spiritual benefits and enjoyed working with all the women in the LDCCW. She learned there were programs for ladies of all ages. Rosie was fortunate to attend several NCCW conventions and general assemblies and wishes every woman could attend a national convention.

Rosie has served as an officer and commission chair, and helped in preparing and serving parish meals, worked at parish sewing days and belonged to the quilting group. Rosie said she feels it is important to have the Altar Society to enlighten members about programs that are available from the diocese. And the LDCCW is important to help keep the Altar Society informed.

Rosie said belonging to the LDCCW is one of the best ways to get to know women of the parish and diocese, and “if we are too busy, we always have a minute to say a prayer for our fellow members.”

Brenda Miller, 41, is a wife and mother of four daughters and grandmother of two boys. She also has a spiritually-adopted son, and a spiritually-adopted granddaughter; Brenda prays daily for their families and for abortionists. The Millers live in Culbertson and are members of St. James Parish in Trenton.

Brenda is a RNA and assists a woman with Rett syndrome. She has been involved in the Altar Society for 20 years and became involved because her mother, as a member, showed her how important it is to help others.
Brenda is vice president of the Grant Deanery because her parish priest, Father Gilde, asked her to serve. “I have always known priests to be wiser than me,” she said.

Brenda has enjoyed involvement with the Altar Society because of the joy she receives in serving Christ. On the parish level Brenda helps with the fall dinner, funeral dinners and the calling list. Brenda said she feels the Altar Society is important to help with the service of others and to share upcoming events that will help bring us closer to Christ.

“Women need to look at their priorities and to remember there is always time to serve God,” she said. “When doing work for the Church, you receive graces that you need to know God’s will, and that gives you strength to embrace your daily duties.
“Christ is love and will love through us, we just have to let Him,” Brenda said.

Kathy Rentschler is in her 50s and serves as the Lincoln Deanery President. She and her husband are members of St. Michael Parish in Lincoln. They have five children and one granddaughter. Kathy is a RN clinical scheduler in Radiology at St. Elizabeth Hospital.

Kathy has been involved in the PCCW for about 15 years. She said she has always felt “everyone has something to contribute to parish life, if given the opportunity.  Everyone is ‘busy,’ so to be open to taking your turn at helping with something allows the work to get done.”

When asked her favorite part of belonging to the PCCW, Kathy replied, “I think that is the key word: belonging.

“The Altar Society is like the kitchen in a home,” she continued. “It is where everyone congregates; everyone comes to visit about what is going on. There is lots of work to be done in the kitchen and many times friendships begin by working together.”

“The PCCW meets many needs of the parish,” she said, and listed fundraising events to help pay for altar supplies and school scholarships; social events such as coffee and rolls, introducing new families, funeral dinners to comfort the sorrowful; corporally through assisting Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach and events like the pro-life diaper drive; and spiritually through prayer and taking care of the church environment.

“The LDCCW follows the corporal and spiritual works of mercy… putting our faith into action!” Kathy said. “It is kind of like being in the family… everyone has a job to do, jobs that need to be done in order to have an orderly running home. The PCCW enhances parish life by supporting parishioners in trying to live their faith.”  


These four women are just a small sampling of the many women who are active member of the LDCCW in the 134 parishes of the Diocese of Lincoln. Are you active in your parish Altar Society/PCCW, if not, say “yes” you will serve. Mary did!

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