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Local schools to team up for benefit concert

LINCOLN (SNR) – The St. Cecilia middle-school choir of the Cathedral of the Risen Christ School in Lincoln will hold a benefit concert May 12 at 7 p.m. in the Cathedral of the Risen Christ, 3500 Sheridan Blvd.

The Cathedral students will be joined by two choirs from Pius X High School in Lincoln.

The concert is a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and free-will donations will be accepted for families with children seeking treatment at the Memphis, Tenn. facility. Families who go to St. Jude’s do not receive bills for the hospital, food, travel, or their stay, allowing the family to focus on the child who is ill.

“What started out as a small idea with just my junior high choir singing,” said director Jessica Happold, “has quickly turned into a big and beautiful event. I wanted a chance for my choir to expand their horizons and their experiences. We sing for our Cathedral family every Friday and many other times throughout the year. We have opportunities to give back to our community. This gives us a chance to give to those who we don’t know, and make a difference in the lives of others, a chance to reach out beyond our community. This is a chance to learn about selfless acts of kindness.”

When things “started to take off,” she continued, she decided to contact Todd Krier, vocal music director at Pius X High School, and invite two of the five Pius choirs to join in the event.

“Each choir has former Cathedral students, students who were once in my choir,” she said. “I liked the opportunity to allow my junior high choir a chance to sing with the high school students and a chance to work with former ‘Cathedral Eagles.’ ”

The concert’s theme will be hope and prayers for children suffering around the world. A representative from St. Jude’s will come to the concert, and a local family will speak about their experiences with St. Jude’s. After the talks, the choirs will sing special music for the free-will offering and passing of collection baskets. Future choir members – fifth-graders – volunteered to hand out programs and pass the collection baskets. The Pius and Cathedral choirs will join in singing together at the end of the concert.
Happold said the Cathedral students have been looking forward to the concert.

“I have been very impressed with their enthusiasm,” she said. “They desire to do so well that they have requested a few extra rehearsals (in addition to weekly before-school practices), giving up their free time after school to practice. They are working extremely hard.”

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