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Spirit Catholic Radio adds new programming

Two new programs: one locally-produced, one with local ties

(SNR/KVSS) – Spirit Catholic Radio added two, new Catholic programs to its programming lineup.

Locally-produced Ready to Stand is a pro-life program that will air Saturdays at 5 p.m. CST. The program ICONS Impact will air Mondays at 8:30 p.m. CST, and has ties to the listening area.

Ready to Stand is an Omaha pro-life radio show. The show focuses on important cultural topics, particularly as they relate to the dignity and sanctity of human life. Host Cullen Herout seeks to help listeners develop an understanding of pro-life principles, and will discuss ways in which the Catholic Church can shed light on the most important cultural issues we face today.

Herout is a husband, father, and writer, and has a mental health practitioner license in the state of Nebraska. He has years of experience working with persons struggling with mental illness and addiction. For the past five years, he has also been involved with Rachel’s Vineyard ministry for post-abortive men and women, serving as the counselor for their weekend retreats.

Herout said he has a passion for writing and talking about pro-life issues, marriage, fatherhood and building a culture of life. He lives in Omaha with his wife and two sons.

ICONS Impact is a radio interview show featuring guests who are making an impact in the world, because Christ has first made an impact on them. In a “joyful, upbeat, and unscripted exchange,” Brother Angelus and Father Innocent will interview men and women from all walks of life, to share and give authentic witness to Christ at work in their lives. ICONS Impact aims to provide and facilitate a fresh and unique listening experience to an audience that longs for authenticity and hope.

Show hosts Brother Angelus and Father Innocent are originally from Lincoln, and are now with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in New York City.

Listeners can hear these programs on any station in the Spirit Catholic Radio Network, online at spiritcatholicradio.com or by downloading the Spirit Catholic Radio smartphone app. Visit spiritcatholicradio.com to find the nearest station.

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