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Diocesan Unbound ministry preparing to launch team in Hastings

Story by Reagan Scott

HASTINGS (SNR)  - After the success that Lincoln has had with Unbound Ministry in the past few years, the members of St. Cecilia Parish in Hastings are beginning to form an Unbound team of their own.

Diocesan Unbound coordinator Matt Simmons has been traveling to Hastings in recent weeks in order to prepare the team of lay faithful for the task.

So far the team has been meeting on a regular basis for community and formation according to Father Andrew Heaslip, the director of Unbound.

Simmons is working with Father Joseph Walsh, pastor of St. Cecilia Parish, to plan a date to present the Unbound seminar in Hastings. Once the program has been presented, the team in Hastings will be able to begin praying with those who go through the program.

The team will be composed of more than a dozen people who have read the book “Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance” written by Neal Lozano and were prayed with afterward.

It was after Lozano came to speak about Unbound in the Archdiocese of Omaha that Father William Holoubek of Sutton was inspired to start a team in Lincoln. Now, members of St. Cecilia who have experienced what Unbound has to offer are looking to offer the same resources to their fellow parishioners.

“There’s a lot of interest in the parish and we feel well supported by the Lincoln community,” Father Walsh said.

Often people are able to read the book or watch the accompanying video series and are then able to pray with someone from the Unbound team about their experiences or encounters with God.

“Unbound is the Gospel of Jesus Christ applied to your life through the five keys,” Father Holoubek said.

The five keys are used to overcome struggles, temptations or bad habits that are brought on or encouraged by evil spirits. The five keys include: Repenting of sin and expressing faith in Jesus; Forgiving oneself and others; Renouncing the lies, spirits and tactics of Satan; Taking authority over the works of Satan; Receiving the Father’s blessing.

Whether people use the five keys to overcome large struggles in their lives, or every day, the results are often the same.

“People experience a new sense of confidence and a deeper awareness of God’s love for them,” Father Holoubek said. “This is about inviting Jesus into one of the most difficult areas of our life.”

Once people have experienced the program, the results can be incredible.

“When you get this [spiritual] burden lifted, you realize how much weight you had been carrying. Once you enter into this incredible reality, you can’t not talk about it,” Father Holoubek said.

It is this reality that has inspired those in Hastings to serve others through Unbound.

Father Walsh said, “I hope that it can bring healing to our community and help those who seek to find the Lord.”

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