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‘Biology of the Theology of the Body’ for students

Project Rachel founder Vicki Thorn speaks at Aquinas in David City

By Lizzie DeWispelare, Aquinas student

DAVID CITY (AHS/SNR) - Students at Aquinas High School in David City recently packed the school’s chapel to listen to Vicki Thorn present “Biology of the Theology of the Body.”

Thorn is the founder of Project Rachel and the National Office for Post Abortion Reconciliation and Healing. She was invited to the school by chief administrative officer Father Sean Timmerman, who first heard Thorn speak when he was a seminarian.

“[Thorn’s talk] was interesting then, and even if a person hasn’t been affected by abortion, they need to know the effects,” Father Timmerman said.

In her presentation, Thorn emphasized the science behind one’s sexual human nature and abortion’s consequences.

The Theology I curriculum at Aquinas includes objectives in the Theology of the Body.

“I think it’s good to have somebody come in from the outside to say the same message being taught,” Father Timmerman said.

“If it’s said in a different way, it might touch people differently.”

Thorn used different diagrams and biological terms, along with a bit of humor, to explain why the Church’s teachings about abortion, contraception and pre-marital sex are correct.

Aquinas junior Madelaine Comte said Thorn’s way of teaching made the whole topic easy to listen to and understand.

Comte and Aquinas senior Samuel Sisco agreed they liked Thorn’s scientific explanation to back the Church’s teachings on these issues.

“The biological aspect that she went through made the subject more logical,” Sisco said.

Comte added, “[Thorn] really opened my eyes to show me that science is on the Church’s side.”

The speech ended with a brief statement about why God created humanity the way He did.

“[Men and women] are designed by God to be different,” Thorn said. “We are complementary.” 

Father Timmerman said he hopes Thorn will continue to present her talk, so students will constantly be reminded of the important message.

Aquinas High School and Middle School serves 285 students in grades 6-12.

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