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Celebrating December’s saints

Learn about the saints and enjoy activities to help you remember their stories or develop virtues.  Find a saint and activity each day of the month, at www.TodayWithTheSaints.blogspot.com.

December 1: Saint Eligius
Saint Eligius worked for the King of France. Even though he was a very important man, he never forgot to help others. He gave generously to the poor and paid for slaves to be set free. He eventually became a priest, then a bishop, and many people became Christians after hearing him preach.

Activity: Saint Eligius taught that it was important to use one’s talents and wealth to help other people. This Advent, think of ways you can use your talent and extra money to help others. Make a commitment to help others in these ways all through 2017.

December 6: Saint Nicholas
Saint Nicholas was not a perfect man. During a big meeting, he lost his temper and punched another bishop right in the nose! However, he did many wonderful things, and he was very generous. Once, he tossed bags of coins through a window (or maybe down the chimney) so three poor sisters could afford to get married.

Activity: In other countries, children set out their shoes on the night of Dec. 5 and wake up on St. Nicholas day to find chocolate coins wrapped in golden foil. Make small paper stockings (or shoes), fill them with chocolate coins and leave them for your family or neighbors to find on the Feast of St. Nicholas.

December 12: Our Lady of Guadalupe
When conquistadors invaded Mexico, they didn’t do a very good job teaching the native people about Jesus. Only after Saint Juan Diego saw the Blessed Virgin Mary dressed as a native princess did the native people understand that Christ was their savior too. Soon, most of the country had become Christians. 

Activity: There are many special Masses and celebrations today by Hispanic and Latino people in the U.S. Attend one close to your home, and celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe with some hot chocolate, a traditional drink for today.

December 21: Saint Peter Canisius
In the 15th century, there was a terrible split in Christianity. Some people started their own churches and confused others about Catholicism. To clear up misunderstandings, Peter helped write the first Catechism of the Catholic Church. It was a huge success, so he wrote two shorter versions, one for teens and one for small children.

Activity: Does your family own a Catechism? If not, you can either read it free online or invest in a printed copy. There is also the YouCat for teens and the Compendium to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is a question-and-answer version ideal for all ages.

December 27: Saint John the Apostle
John was one of the Twelve Apostles, the only one who stood by Jesus all the way through His death on the Cross instead of running away in fear. After Jesus rose and ascended into heaven, John started many parishes. He also wrote a gospel, three letters (epistles) and the book of Revelations in the Bible.

Activity: When we memorize verses from the Bible, it helps us live the way God wants us to live. Today, memorize John 13:34, “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.”

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