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Hastings woman plans online summit for mothers

Register free and participate online Jan. 2-14

HASTINGS (SNR) - Dr. Eve Rosno, a psychologist from St. Michael Parish in Hastings, will host a mothers’ summit online Jan. 2-14.

The “Inspired Mom Summit” includes 28 interviews, across a wide range of topics that Rosno said nearly every mother can relate to. The talks will be available over the course of 13 days.

“Being a mom is more challenging than ever,” Rosno said “In today’s fast-paced, high-tech, Facebook-world moms are often left feeling isolated, stressed, and overwhelmed.” From her personal experience as a mom to four young children, to her professional experience from more than 10 years as a psychologist, Dr. Rosno said she has seen the ups and downs of motherhood. She said the Inspired Mom Summit is the result of her conviction to reach out to moms in need.
Among the talks included in the summit are many well-known names.

“You can learn about being free from perfectionism,” Rosno said, “with Shauna Niequist, best-selling author of ‘Present Over Perfect.’ Catholic author and radio personality Jen Fulwiler discusses how to know God’s will in your life and be brave enough to follow.

“You’ll hear from Danielle Bean – mom, blogger, and publisher of Catholic Digest – about knowing your worth as a woman,” Rosno continued. Other topics include managing stress, saving money, finding a community of mothers, coping with loss, finding peace with less “stuff,” surviving postpartum depression and much more.

The summit happens online Jan. 2-14, 2017. Participants can listen to all 28 talks free of charge. Those interested may register for the summit online at www.inspiredmom.com.

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