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Laypersons Invited to Join the Pink Sisters Apostolate

(SNR) - Near the center of Lincoln, eight Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration maintain a constant vigil of worship and prayer in a lovely chapel, assisted by lay members of their organization.

They pray for priests. They pray for God’s help and comfort following floods and earthquakes. They pray for an end to war. They pray for individuals who are sick or unemployed or mourning or spiritually lost. They uphold the Diocese of Lincoln and the universal Church in constant communion with the Lord.

Affectionately called "the Pink Sisters" in reference to their rose-colored robes that represent joy, these cloistered sisters came to the Diocese of Lincoln in 1973 at the invitation of Bishop Glennon P. Flavin.

The bishop gave up his own residence to serve as their convent. In 1980, he oversaw the construction of a chapel adjacent to the convent, the Eucharist Church of Christ the King.

Knowing that they would be a small order, Bishop Flavin promised the sisters that the laypeople of Lincoln would offer holy hours at the chapel as well, so that they would have time to share meals, recreation and study times as a community.

Ever since, there has been an active contribution to the Pink Sisters’ apostolate from Lincoln-area Catholics.

Anyone can become a lay member of the sisters’ holy work, according to Linda Terrano, chairperson of the new publicity committee on the Pink Sisters Auxiliary Board and a member of St. Michael Parish in Lincoln.

"There are several organizations open to lay people," Mrs. Terrano said.

Pink Sisters Auxiliary

The first option for lay Catholics would be to become a member of the Pink Sisters Auxiliary, joining other members from all across the country and all around the world.

"There are no meetings and no duties to perform," said Mrs. Terrano. "It’s a way to support the sisters and in return, they pray for you."

Members of the Auxiliary are included in the daily remembrances of the sisters, including a special mention during their daily Mass. The sisters also pray four solemn Novenas each year on behalf of the Auxiliary.

When a member dies, that person is enrolled perpetually in a Spiritual Union. The sisters specially pray for these members in nine Masses each month.

The suggested annual membership fees are $10 for individuals and $20 per household. The donations are not required to receive the benefits of the sisters’ prayers and sacrifices, but they are used to care for the personal needs of the sisters.

The collected money is used to pay for things like food, healthcare and upkeep of the chapel and grounds.

A second way to contribute is to serve on the Pink Sisters Auxiliary Board. Two or three people from each of the Lincoln-area parishes are board members, meeting monthly and volunteering with various duties.

These are the people who transport the sisters to medical or dental appointments, prepare meals for the sisters during their retreat or on feast days, and commit to one holy hour per week as part of the group of lay adorers who help the sisters maintain perpetual adoration.

King’s Men, Ladies of the Eucharist

Youth of the Eucharist

Another option would be to join either the King’s Men, Ladies of the Eucharist or Youth of the Eucharist.

Again, "there are no dues and no meetings scheduled," Mrs. Terrano said.

"Members make a pledge to make a weekly visit to the chapel for any length of time."

So, even if a person only has five or 10 minutes to spare, they can become a member and make a weekly visit to the chapel to pray and find inspiration.

"It’s a quite place to meet the Lord," said Mrs. Terrano, who has been a member of the Auxiliary for about five years and a board member for four. "It’s just a beautiful place."

There is one optional meeting each year for the Youth of the Eucharist. Each fall, all children are invited to a morning of prayer, and visiting with the Sisters.

Regardless of how a layperson joins the Pink Sisters’ apostolate, he or she will be assured of the sisters’ prayers.

"It’s very comforting to know that you have somebody praying for you," Mrs. Terrano noted.

She and her committee recently produced a DVD that explains the apostolate of the Pink Sisters and their lifestyle. Narrated by the sisters’ chaplain, Msgr. Joseph Nemec, the DVD features wonderful photos and an inspiring message.

The video is available on YouTube (search "Pink Sisters Lincoln"). For a copy of the DVD to share with your parish or school organization, telephone Linda Terrano at 402-483-5874.

If you would like to join the Pink Sisters Auxiliary and reap the spiritual benefits of sharing in their apostolate, please write to 1040 South Cotner Blvd., Lincoln, NE, 68510.

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