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‘Live Greater’ Radio Program Marks 100 Episodes

(SNR) - Locally produced "Live Greater," the radio program of the apostolate of the same name, aired its 100th episode Dec. 7, another hour of stimulating conversation about the Bible, Catholic teaching and living "life more abundantly."

As an apostolate, Live Greater started some years ago when brothers Rusty and Scott Montgomery were students at Pius X High School in Lincoln. They were inspired by Blessed Pope John Paul II’s encouragement to all Catholics.

In Redemptoris Missio (1990), for example, the late Holy Father wrote, "Since the very evangelization of modern culture depends to a great extent on the influence of the media, it is not enough to use the media simply to spread the Christian message and the Church’s authentic teaching. It is also necessary to integrate that message into the ‘new culture’ created by modern communications."

The Montgomery brothers sought to create a new way to reach their generation where young people spent the most time: on the Internet. They started a blog and asked Father Scott Courtney, who was teaching at Pius X High School during that time, to provide a Bible verse as a theme for their endeavors.

Father Courtney settled on John 10:10, "…I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly."

Thus, "Live Greater" was formed with an intention to help others grow in their understanding of "what it means to be a young person of faith and live a life of true happiness."

Live Greater started out as a student-run website and blog. However, when KVSS expanded into the Diocese of Lincoln in 2008, there was an opportunity to reach even more people, through the radio.

Initially, Rusty Montgomery shared the microphone with Father Courtney. The priest would provide a Scripture verse or an excerpt from the Catechism, the writings of Saint José Maria Escriva or some other spiritual work as a launching point for the episode.

Then, the pair would discuss the topic in normal, everyday language, applying it to normal, everyday life events.

Later, Rusty and Scott Montgomery graduated from high school. Both joined the Franciscan Fathers of the Renewal New York and are now known as Brother Innocent and Brother Angelus, respectively.

So, Father Courtney recruited Tony Ojeda to help out.

Mr. Ojeda had shown an interest in Live Greater for some time, but he had no background in radio, other than working with a group of Lincoln Catholics who were trying to bring a station like KVSS to the area.

Still, with his background in public speaking, the busy father of five was willing to give it a try.

Mr. Ojeda described the Live Greater radio program’s format as something that’s easy to listen to.

"It’s just a conversation that Father Courtney and I have," he said. "Father Courtney is not a theologian, and I am far from being a theologian… It’s the meat and potatoes of the Catholic faith."

For their 100th episode, Father Courtney and Mr. Ojeda reviewed the promises of John 10:10.

"It’s our call to holiness," Mr. Ojeda said. "It’s basically taking your gifts – whatever they are and whatever you’re called to do – and doing it with great passion."

As for the future of Live Greater, Mr. Ojeda said there are plans to restart the blog that has been silent since Brother Angelus left for New York. They are also considering producing podcasts and possibly a Live Greater conference.

"The Church is big, and as long as we haven’t hit on every topic, we can keep talking," he said.

Mr. Ojeda said that he and Father Courtney want to hear from people who are listening to the show. He encouraged people to join the conversation at the Live Greater Facebook group (search "Live Greater") and to write to him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All are invited to tune in Thursdays at 9 p.m. to listen to the conversation. Archived episodes are also available at www.kvss.com or www.faithandlifetv.com.

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