SymptoPro Fertility Education

SymptoPro™ Fertility Education is an effective, scientifically based method that treats fertility as a normal, healthy process. SymptoPro™ is a Sympto-Thermal Method of fertility charting, based on changes in a woman’s cervical mucus, waking or resting temperature, and cervix. These observable signs change in response to the hormones of the menstrual cycle. It only takes seconds a day for a woman to track her fertility; then the couple interprets the chart and makes a decision based on their family planning intentions. SymptoPro™ works through periodic abstinence during the method-defined fertile time for couples who are avoiding a pregnancy. SymptoPro™ can be used effectively throughout a woman’s entire reproductive life-- including postpartum, post-hormone, and pre-menopausal women.

The particular strengths of this method include: highly personalized support, free chart reviews throughout the reproductive life, and no reoccurring costs beyond initial instruction. Carly McDermott has partnered with the Diocese of Lincoln to offer SymptoPro™ instruction face-to-face or online.  Carly can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a session or inquire for further details regarding SymptoPro™.

All are welcome! Introductory Sessions are held monthly at the Catalyst meeting space in the Haymarket and last approximately 1 hour. The cost is $35 per couple or individual woman. To learn more and to register, click the dates below. Private intro sessions are available upon request. 
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