Sowing Seeds

Joy and baseball

By Fr. Justin Fulton

Would you like to see something scary? Something that you do not see every day?  Check out the picture included with this article. Here are a bunch of Lincoln priests wearing regular clothes to a baseball game. Sorry you had to see some of the least fashionable guys on earth!

A few weeks ago, the Kansas City Royals played the Detroit Tigers in Omaha at TD Ameritrade Park. This was the first ever Major League Baseball game played in the state of Nebraska. And wouldn’t you know it, a few priests from the Diocese of Lincoln attended the baseball game.

I was sitting in outfield seats and decided to take a walk and ran into a friend of mine, Father Michael Ventre, who is stationed in Paul/Julian and teaches at Lourdes Central in Nebraska City. We talked for a couple minutes and then we ran into three more priests:  Father Daniel Rayer, the chancellor of the Diocese, Father Harlan Waskowiak (who just so happens to be a man we all look up to since he is about 6’7” tall), the pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Geneva and St. Mary in Shickley, and Father Christopher Kubat, pastor of St. Cecilia in Hastings and whose ink is still wet on this ‘Seedlings’ column (he was the past executive director of CSS). It was a fortuitous opportunity to say hello to some brother priests and we decided to get a picture. Father Kubat dared me to write a column about it… so here it is!

Priests are called to be Jesus Christ to their people. And all of us are called to be Jesus to the people. All of us have an assignment from Almighty God to bring Christ to people and bring people to Christ. We all have a part in the mission of CSS... from Geneva, to Nebraska City, to Lincoln, to Hastings, to Benkelman, to Rulo and all points in between.

Priests are also regular people. We struggle. We fail. We have many hobbies and pastimes. And many of us like baseball. Over the last few weeks that happen-stance meeting of a bunch of guys enjoying a nice night of baseball has been on my mind and prayer. It was a blessing to get to be with the guys for five minutes and share some joy on a relaxed night. Many of the clients that we help at CSS are not so fortunate. We seek to help them when they are struggling and are down and out. And we seek to bring some kind of joy and peace amongst their anxieties and frustrations. Many have never even been to a baseball game with friends because many do not have the resources to do so. And that saddens me.

I’ve been praying many Glory Bes to thank God for the opportunity to be with friends and watch some baseball and experience joy. Please join all of us as we say a prayer to Him to bring joy to the people that we help through the good work of CSS.

May God bless us all!

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