Sowing Seeds

Working together to help students succeed

By Fr. Justin Fulton

August 1999. I vividly remember packing up my ‘91 Dodge Shadow in Auburn and getting ready to fire it up and move to UNL for my freshman year college studies. I was pumped to finally have my “freedom.” I was ready to be an adult.


As I backed that little stuffed car out of the driveway, I saw Mom and Dad on the front porch—Mom crying and Dad holding her—both waving their goodbyes to their third-born son. In my first act of being an adult, I found a lump in my throat and a mist in my eye like a little baby. A flood of emotions hit me as I drove down 16th Street for the last time as a kid and turned north on Highway 75 into adulthood. Trying to act like a “grown man,” I choked back the tears forming, cleared my throat, and turned on some Chris LeDoux on the CD player.

The memory of my folks on that porch is etched in my mind. And every time I leave the old two-bedroom home in Auburn, Mom and Dad still wave goodbye from the large front window. And it still gets to me at age 38.

I suppose all of us can replay moments like this one. The school season is upon us and kids and young adults are back at school and college.

And parents who love them dearly also worry about their safety and their futures. Every parent wants the best for their kid and education gives us that opportunity to better ourselves, the common good, and the Kingdom of God.

CSS conducted “Back to School” drives in Hastings, Lincoln and Auburn to help kids in public and private schools in the surrounding areas obtain new school supplies for the school year. We find there are many families that need help putting their kids in positions to succeed in their studies.

We are happy to help students realize their own dignity given to them by Christ by providing them with these supplies. As they pursue the truth in their studies, they pursue Truth who is Jesus Christ. Thank you to our benefactors, volunteers, and associates who make this happen!

Our counselors at the CSS Counseling Center also help students and families throughout the school year. Whether it is test anxiety, trauma, coping skills, self-confidence, concentration and self-esteem issues, or family struggles, the talented counselors and psychologists at CSS can help. And with our teleconferencing component, we can help every person in every community of our diocese.  If you ever need a helping hand, do not be afraid to give them a ring at 402-489-1834.

Please join all of us as we pray for all students, staff, faculty, and teachers during this school year!

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