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In order to better serve our CCD teachers the Office of Religious Education has a variety of materials that correspond to the Faith and Life Series published by Ignatius Press. In addition to the Parish CCD Curriculum which provides a condensed and more manageable amount of material, the Office of Religious Education had developed a four-point set of resources for every chapter in every grade level of CCD. In order to make these materials more usable for teachers the components can be downloaded, modified, and commented upon.

Four Components

1. One page lesson plan

2. PowerPoint presentation

3. Short video that illustrates an aspect of the lesson

4. A student activity

How to Download

While keeping the required lesson objectives, all teachers are free to download and modify the materials to better fit their classroom needs. To download simply click on the menu icon at the bottom of any Word document or PowerPoint presentation.

How to Download Videos

If you do not have internet access in your CCD classroom, you can download helpful videos for any chapter of your grade level. To download, simply click on this video link and choose your grade level. Next, click on the blue arrow in front of the chapter you want, then click download. You will need to indicate "Save as" in order to save the video to a jump drive or other portable device.

Leaving Comments

At the bottom of each webpage is a place for teachers to leave their comments about how these materials can be improved or better carried out in the classroom. For example, if you know of another teaching illustration, video, or activity that corresponds with the lesson, please share it with the rest of us!

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