Happy Anniversary, St. Gianna's!

It is hard to believe, but we just celebrated our fifth anniversary of our fine and fabulous First Friday Fish Fry, which benefits St. Gianna Women’s Home! To mark this milestone, we decided to have five Marian Sisters on the serving line, one for each year - Sister Clare, Sister Cecilia Ann, Sister Bernadette, Sister Karen and Sister Serena.

The many women and their children who come to St. Gianna’s are appreciative of all the love and support they have received from Sister Bernadette, Sister Clare, Sister Karen, and our many women volunteers and supporters since opening.

One of our new efforts is the Endow program which means educating on the nature and dignity of women. The mission of Endow is, “Transforming the hearts and minds of women and girls by inviting them into the joy, freedom, and dignity that come from living out their gift of authentic femininity in Christ.” Since many or most of the ladies who come to us have never been loved and treated with respect as a daughter of God, having been created in the image and likeness of God, those who participate respond in a positive manner. One of the chapters specifically talks about St. Gianna.

When asked, “What has St. Gianna Women’s Home done for you?” here are some of the answers: “This place has saved my life.... If I wasn’t here I would be on the streets and probably not alive.... It has brought me back to the sacraments and to my faith….. This place is a safe haven for me, it has taken care of me and my needs.... I am now able to help others who are struggling. In fact, last night, I talked to someone for an hour who was going through some tough times.... My daughter is now learning about the Church and faith.... I am so grateful for the Sisters and Father for all that they have done for me.… I have been through a lot in my life, violence growing up and then into my adult life.... this place has given me security since my abuser is now out of prison... most of all, this place has helped me learn a lot about myself and for this I am grateful.”

One of the Endow volunteers said, “God is good and His hope is always there for us. Praise Jesus! I feel blessed to be a witness of God’s work. To see the transformation of these ladies is a gift.”

I would like to thank the Marian Sisters, our volunteers and donors for their love and support.  Please know you are all in our prayers. Happy Anniversary!

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Fr. Christopher Kubat

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