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Please note that the Diocesan Museum will be closed for an unknown amount of time due to remodeling

The mission of the Sister Loretta Gosen Memorial Archives - Museum of the Diocese of Lincoln is to collect, preserve, and make accessible the history of the People of God of the Diocese of Lincoln. The diocesan archives are to serve as a means of spreading the Gospel, maintaining true Catholic culture, understanding the development of the Church in the Diocese of Lincoln, and aiding the local Church in her efforts to work for the salvation of souls.

The archive holdings include various documents, photos, and museum items pertaining to the history of the parishes, schools, hospitals, institutions, organizations, priests, religious communities, and lay persons who have influenced the Diocese of Lincoln. To donate documents or museum items, please contact the archivist for more information. Monetary donations are gladly accepted for the cost of upkeep and improvement of the Diocesan Archives. Donations may be sent to the address listed above. For information about more substantial gifts through estates, please contact Mr. Chris Raun at the above address. He may also be reached by telephone at 402-488-2142.

Individuals, families, and groups are welcome to tour the museum Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please call ahead (402-488-0921) to make an appointment for a tour.

Those in need of their own Sacrament records in order to receive the Sacraments or for Marriage Tribunal purposes should contact the parish at which they were baptized. Those who wish to do genealogical research may request up to three individuals’ records at one time. Please use this form:     pdf The Sacrament Record form (83 KB) .     There is a research fee of $10 per every full record request form (i.e. for every three records requested). Please note that only 80-year-old records of deceased persons may be released to the public. For requests that pertain to persons born after 1900, proof of death must be given (ex: death certificate, obituary).

Those who need to research some particular aspect of diocesan history may contact the archivist to explain their project and set an appointment for assistance.

There are no fees for historical research projects, however donations are accepted.
History of the Diocese Vol. II
The History of the Diocese: Volume II (1987-2002) is available for purchase (160 pages):
$26.75 (pick up)
$31.75 (if mailed within Nebraska)
$29.75 (if mailed outside Nebraska)
Checks should be made payable to "Catholic Bishop of Lincoln" and mailed to:

Catholic Chancery
3400 Sheridan Blvd
Lincoln NE 68506-6125

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