Communion and Liberation

Communion and Liberation is a movement in the Church - started in 1954 in Italy by Servant of God Fr. Luigi Giussani - which has the purpose of forming its members as adults in the Christian faith who seek Christ in each moment of daily life.

It is a movement of people who are changed by an encounter with Jesus Christ who come together in friendship to learn how to judge life’s experiences in light of the knowledge that "faith corresponds to some fundamental, original need that all men and women feel in their hearts" (Luigi Giussani, The Risk of Education, New York 2001, pp. 11-12).

The name refers to the conviction that Christianity, lived in communion, is the foundation of authentic human liberation.

The Lincoln chapter of Communion and Liberation welcomes anyone interested in learning how to see the face of Christ in all circumstances.  They meet weekly for what is called School of Community, a small group style meeting where they reflect on a reading, discuss questions, and strive to find out what Christ wants to do in their lives in a concrete way.

Please contact Joe and Amelia Bowen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on meeting times and location.

"[Communion and Liberation] offers a profound way of life and actualizes the Christian faith, both in a total fidelity and communion with the Successor of Peter and with the Pastors who assure the governing of the Church, and through spontaneity and freedom that permit new and prophetic, apostolic and missionary achievements" (Pope Benedict XVI, Address to CL, March 24, 2007).

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