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Eucharistic procession around abortion facility

Story by Reagan Scott  

LINCOLN (SNR) - On Tuesday April 16, Bishop James Conley will lead a Eucharistic Procession around Planned Parenthood in Lincoln starting at 2 p.m.

This is the second year the event will be held and all are welcome to attend.

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Mike Davis, a member of St. Peter Parish in Lincoln, is the secretary for the board of Lincoln Right to Life and building manager of the Lincoln Right to Life Center across the street from Planned Parenthood. He said that last year, he hoped to have 500 people in attendance, enough to have one Catholic placed every four feet along the route. Instead, the turnout was so large that people stood nearly shoulder to shoulder, three deep in places.

An estimated 2,000 people attended last year’s procession and this year Davis hopes to see 3,000.

Davis has sent event information to all the area Catholic schools in the hopes that schools will allow parents to take their children out of class early for the event.

While Bishop Conley will leave the Lincoln Right to Life Center with the Blessed Sacrament to begin the procession at 2 p.m., attendees are requested to be in place on the sidewalk around Planned Parenthood at 1:45 p.m.

Lincoln Right to Life, a non-denominational organization, operates the Lincoln Right to Life Center. Since opening across the street from Planned Parenthood in February 2018, Mass has been celebrated in the building every week on abortion Tuesdays, save Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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An average of 31 people attend Mass each week, and 314 different individuals have been in attendance over the past 13 months.

“Through these Masses we really see the power of prayer,” Davis said. “We can see women going in for an abortion and pray for them. Sometimes we see women who have come out having decided to keep their baby.”

Davis said that sometimes it’s hard to tell whether prayers are making an impact, but that, “we have to have faith that we’re saving a lot of babies.”

Pam McCabe, a member of St. Teresa Parish, is on the board for Lincoln Right to Life and serves as the coordinator for sidewalk counselors. She told the story of Lisa, a sidewalk counselor from North American Martyrs Parish in Lincoln, who spoke with a woman referred to as Anna, to protect her identity.

Anna was 19 and pregnant with twins. She was scared, and she needed somewhere to turn. Lisa spoke with Anna before she entered Planned Parenthood and took her to the Pregnancy Care Center on O Street, where Lisa saw an ultrasound of her babies and made the decision to carry them to term.

Since then, both Lincoln Right to Life and North American Martyrs Parish have provided Anna with financial support as well as other baby necessities, such as diapers.

Many times, McCabe has been at the hospital with women whom the pregnancy center has helped. She said that when she gets to hold one of these babies who was saved from abortion she thinks, “This baby is the answer to thousands of people’s prayers in the state of Nebraska.”

“Prayers really do work miracles,” McCabe said.

McCabe said that she continues to do what she does because she has never helped a mother who wasn’t grateful to have had her baby.

McCabe asked for prayers, both for those mothers who are contemplating an abortion, and those at Planned Parenthood. The upcoming Eucharistic Procession will serve as a way to offer up prayers and stand as a peaceful witness to the sanctity of life.

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