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Emmaus Institute opens registrations for fall courses

LINCOLN (SNR/EI) - The newly-established Emmaus Institute for Biblical Studies is taking registrations for fall courses.

Based on a 10-week quarter system, the Institute will offer four courses in its inaugural term, beginning the second week in September and concluding the second week in November. Each two-hour class will meet one evening weekly (6:30-8:30 p.m.). A daytime section of one or more classes may be offered if a sufficient number of people indicate interest.

Lincoln-area clergy, religious, and laity are encouraged to consider one or more of the following study opportunities in the 2019 fall term:
- Creation to New Creation: The Whole in One: a fast-paced journey through the whole Bible in one quarter (Mondays; team: V. Steiner, J. Burks, C. Steiner);
- The Story of Creation and Corruption: an in-depth exposition of Genesis 1-11 (Tuesdays; V. Steiner);
- The Theme of Eucharist throughout Sacred Scripture: a careful look at how both Testaments of Christian Scripture develop the significance of the Eucharist (Wednesdays; C. Steiner); and
- The Way of Discipleship in Sacred Scripture: a biblical exploration of Christian discipleship, with special attention to the Gospels (Thursdays; J. Burks).

Additional details, including full course descriptions, cost, location, and an online registration form are available at www.emmausinstitute.net. Registration will remain open until Aug. 20, but students are encouraged to register early in order to reserve a spot in the class.

The Emmaus Institute is the fruit of prayer and planning that began four years ago, when Bishop Conley approached Dr. Vern Steiner about establishing a school devoted to the study of Scripture in the Diocese of Lincoln.

Before entering the Catholic Church in 2015, Dr. Steiner had devoted more than 40 years to biblical study and teaching as an evangelical Protestant pastor, seminary professor, and founder and president of an institute in Biblical Studies. In the latter years, he and his son Chad were teaching colleagues in the institute Vern had founded, and it was their studies and discussions of ecclesial unity and interpretive authority which eventually led each to the Catholic Church— Chad in 2011 and Vern four years later.

Under the direction of Dr. Steiner and the oversight of a diocesan-approved board, the Emmaus Institute is set to begin this fall with a staff of four. It will be self-funded, but will carry out its mission as an apostolate of the Diocese of Lincoln.

The Institute will feature a variety of Scripture-centered courses, seminars and other resources at various levels, each focused on the overall vision of a biblically literate and passionately Catholic community, filled with the knowledge and love of Christ, through a deepening understanding of Scripture and its centrality in the life and liturgy of the Church.

Like Jesus in the Emmaus Road story of Luke 24, the Institute sees its mission as coming alongside God’s people, explaining to them how the whole scriptural drama, from Creation to New Creation, from Genesis to Revelation, points the way to knowing and walking with Jesus.

And like the two disciples with whom Jesus conversed that first Easter, Dr. Steiner explained, the Institute’s goal is that all of our hearts, ignited by the Word, “will burn within us,” and that our eyes will be more opened to see him “in the breaking of the bread.”

All who desire a firsthand exposure to the Institute, its staff, and the opportunities and resources it will offer are invited to attend the final spring introductory and promotional session Tuesday, May 7, 7:00-8:30, at Gianna’s Java & Gelato, 2241 O St., Lincoln. The presentation will include a brief promotional video, three short talks by the Emmaus instructors, and a Q&A time. All are welcome to attend.

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