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Couples Sought for Family Planning Study

LINCOLN (SNR) - The FertilityCare Center for the Diocese of Lincoln, in cooperation with University of Utah medical researcher Joseph Stanford, is looking for couples to participate in a national study of the Creighton method of Natural Family Planning (NFP).

Stanford is the lead researcher for the study, which is being funded by the U.S. Office of Public Health and Science. It will be conducted at centers that teach couples to use the Creighton method. The Creighton method teaches couples how to know when the woman is ovulating and likely to get pregnant through charting of her cycles.

Though the method also can be used by those trying to get pregnant, researchers are looking for 300 couples who are beginning to use it to avoid pregnancy. It has been 11 years since the last in-depth study, and the data need refreshing, Stanford said.

In addition, this study will look specifically at a dynamic that practitioners have noticed: that 20 percent of the couples using the Creighton method to avoid pregnancy will at some point in the first year begin, instead, to use it to conceive. So far, about 100 couples are participating in the study. While that is a good start, researchers would like to have more than 300 participants before the study ends in March 2011.

Participants will need to get training in the Creighton method, which can be done through the diocesan NFP offices in Lincoln or Holdrege. Participants will be paid a small stipend by the University of Utah in exchange for providing data gathered through online surveys.

Eligible couples need to be married or within four months of their wedding date, have the intention to use the Creighton Model to avoid a pregnancy for at least two months after joining the study, and be sexually active or become sexually active within four months of joining the study.

For more information in the study, or to enroll, contact the FertilityCare Center of the Diocese of Lincoln at 402-488-2040 or go to http://medicine.utah.edu/dfpm/Research/CEIBA/index.htm.

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