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Diocesan Teachers, Administrators Honored

LINCOLN - Pope Benedict XVI spoke recently to students in the United Kingdom about Catholic Schools. His words, emphasizing the schools being replaceable for young people, gives added importance to this night honoring those who have given much through their dedicated lives of teaching to the people of this Diocese. The Bishop wishes all to know and join him in gratitude for the gift of their teaching, with faith and love, the children who are the future of our country and our Church. May God reward and bless these teachers and administrators. The words of our Holy Father to the educators and to students stress why these Catholic school teachers are so important and are quoted here:

“As you know, the task of a teacher is not simply to impart information or to provide training in skills intended to deliver some economic benefit to society; education is not and must never be considered as purely utilitarian. It is about forming the human person, equipping him or her to live life to the full – in short it is about imparting wisdom. And true wisdom is inseparable from knowledge of the Creator, for “both we and our words are in his hand, as are all understanding and skill in crafts” (Wis 7:16).

“In your Catholic schools, there is always a bigger picture over and above the individual subjects you study, the different skills you learn. All the work you do is placed in the context of growing in friendship with God, and all that flows from that friendship. So you learn not just to be good students, but good citizens, good people. As you move higher up the school, you have to make choices regarding the subjects you study, you begin to specialize with a view to what you are going to do later on in life. That is right and proper. But always remember that every subject you study is part of a bigger picture. Never allow yourselves to become narrow. The world needs good scientists, but a scientific outlook becomes dangerously narrow if it ignores the religious or ethical dimension of life, just as religion becomes narrow if it rejects the legitimate contribution of science to our understanding of the world. We need good historians and philosophers and economists, but if the account they give of human life within their particular field is too narrowly focused, they can lead us seriously astray.

“A good school provides a rounded education for the whole person. And a good Catholic school, over and above this, should help all its students to become saints.”

The following teachers and administrators from Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lincoln were honored at a banquet Oct. 10 for their years of service in diocesan schools:

36+ Years
50 years, Mr. Wayne Reeves, Bishop Neumann, Wahoo
46 years, Mr. George O’Boyle, Pius X, Lincoln
44 years, Sister Loretta Happe, St. Wenceslaus, Wahoo
42 years, Sister Michaelene Prater, St. Mary, David City
39 years, Mrs. Marie Butler, St. Cecilia, Hastings
39 years, Ms. Mary Sydik, Bishop Neumann, Wahoo
38 years, Mrs. Cathie Genung, St. Cecilia, Hastings
38 years, Mrs. Susan Hraban, St. Wenceslaus, Wahoo
38 years, Mrs. Maureen Nemetz, St. Cecilia, Hastings
37 years, Mrs. Mary Fisk, St. Michael, Hastings
37 years, Mrs. Diana Harris, Lourdes, Nebraska City
37 years, Mr. Tom Seib, Pius X, Lincoln
36 years, Mrs. Kathy Gawart, Lourdes, Nebraska City
36 years, Mrs. Dorothy Pelster, St. Cecilia Hastings
36 years, Mr. Vince Pelster, St. Cecilia Hastings
36 years, Mr. Alan Vancura, St. Cecilia, Hastings

35 Years
Mrs. Linda Kuzelka, St. Michael, Hastings
Mrs. Mary Liesemeyer, Lourdes, Nebraska City

30 Years
Mrs. Judy Andersen, St. Mary, Lincoln
Mrs. Maureen Gilmour,
Cathedral, Lincoln
Mrs. Melinda Reinert, St. John, Lincoln
Mr. Timothey Turman, Bishop Neumann, Wahoo
Mrs. Cindy Werner, St. Teresa, Lincoln

25 Years
Mrs. Kelley Garay, Cathedral, Lincoln
Mrs. Alexis Heaslip, St. Mary, Lincoln
Mrs. Julie Martinosky, Lourdes, Nebraska City
Mr. Ron Mimick, Aquinas, David City
Miss Peggy O’Meara, Cathedral, Lincoln
Sister Jacqueline Tasler, St. Vincent de Paul, Seward
Mrs. Vickie Truitt, St. Michael, Hastings
20 Years

Mr. Randy Ahrens, St. Cecilia, Hastings
Mrs. Barbara Budler, St. Joseph, York
Mrs. Leslie Hoffman, St. Michael, Hastings
Mr. Larry Logsdon, Pius X, Lincoln
Mrs. Catherine Mimick, Aquinas, David City
Mrs. Kathleen Rischling, Sacred Heart, Lawrence
Father Leo Seiker, Pius X, Lincoln
Mr. John Svec, Aquinas, David City
Mr. Carl Tesmer, St. Cecilia, Hastings
Ms. Carol Whitehead, St. Patrick, Lincoln
15 Years

Mrs. Sandra Caradori, St. Peter, Lincoln
Mrs. Amy Decker, St. Peter, Lincoln
Mrs. Lisa Farmer, St. Joseph, Lincoln
Mr. John Franssen, St. Cecilia, Hastings
Miss Lesley Gould, Lourdes, Nebraska City
Sister Carol Hohmeier, Martyrs, Lincoln
Mrs. Helen Ostdiek, Aquinas, David City
Mrs. Ann Osterman, St. Joseph, Lincoln
Miss Marsha Peters, Martyrs, Lincoln

10 Years
Mrs. Tracy Adrian, St. Cecilia, Hastings
Mrs. Mary Berning, St. Joseph, Lincoln
Mr. Kevin Boos, Lourdes, Nebraska City
Mr. Brian Botsford, Bishop Neumann, Wahoo
Mrs. Lisa Crane, St. Vincent de Paul, Seward
Mrs. Kim Evans, St. Joseph, Lincoln
Mr. Sean Forbes, Martyrs, Lincoln
Mrs. Victoria Glaser, St. Vincent de Paul, Seward
Mrs. Andrea Henriques, St. Mary, Lincoln
Mrs. Jenifer Klement, St. Mary, David City
Mrs. Linda Knott, St. John, Lincoln
Mr. David Koperski, St. Joseph, Lincoln
Mrs. Jill Kranda, St. Mary, David City
Mrs. Barb Kuhn, St. John, Lincoln
Mr. Nick Larsen, St. Joseph, Lincoln
Mrs. Teresa Lewandowski, St. John the Baptist, Plattsmouth
Mrs. Amy Lowe, Lourdes, Nebraska City
Mr. Timothy Meduna, St. Peter, Lincoln
Miss Katherine Pecha, St. James, Crete
Mr. Ryan Psota, Pius X, Lincoln
Mrs. Dianne Reznicek, St. Teresa, Lincoln
Mr. Jeremy Scheffler, Pius X, Lincoln
Mrs. Alicia Schock, Sacred Heart, Falls City
Mrs. Judy Schroer, Sacred Heart, Lawrence
Mrs. Kristin Unger, Martyrs, Lincoln

5 Years
Ms. Ashley Arlt, Pius X, Lincoln
Mrs. Stefanie Chvatal, St. Wenceslaus, Wahoo
Mrs. Diana Eickhoff, Sacred Heart, Falls City
Mrs. Chris Fox, St. Joseph, Lincoln
Mrs. Amy Gammel, Pius X, Lincoln
Mrs. Annie George, St. Teresa, Lincoln
Father Lothar Gilde, St. Patrick, McCook
Ms. Michelle Hagemann, St. Wenceslaus, Wahoo
Ms. Claire Hicks, Pius X, Lincoln
Miss Linda Hofpar, Blessed Sacrament, Lincoln
Father Lee Jirovsky, Pius X, Lincoln
Mrs. Susan Kelly, Pius X, Lincoln
Father Nicholas Kipper, Pius X, Lincoln
Mrs. Megan Kumpula, St. Wenceslaus, Wahoo
Mrs. LaDonna Naiberk, St. Mary, David City
Mrs. Cindy Nash, Pius X, Lincoln
Ms. Stefanie Novotny, Pius X, Lincoln
Mrs. Rhonda Rang, Sacred Heart, Lincoln
Mr. Jarred Royal, Aquinas, David City
Mrs. Amy Schenk, St. Wenceslaus, Wahoo
Mrs. Linda Schmit, St. Joseph, Beatrice
Mrs. Brandi Sladky, Bishop Neumann, Wahoo
Miss Nicole Speichinger, St. John Nepomucene, Weston
Mrs. Jessica Thompson, St. Joseph, Lincoln
Mr. Joe Tynon, Lourdes, Nebraska City
Mrs. Toni Vollmer, St. Andrew, Tecumseh

44 years, Monsignor Robert Roh, Sacred Heart, Falls City
36 years, Miss Carm Fiala, St. Mary, David City
35 years, Father Lyle Johnson, St. John, Lincoln
35 years, Sister Carol Kelly, M.S., St. Patrick, Lincoln
35 years, Mrs. Holly Kruger, Blessed Sacrament, Lincoln
30 years, Mrs. Valerie Able, Lourdes, Nebraska City
25 years, Mr. Douglas Goltz, Sacred Heart, Falls City
25 years, Mrs. Linda Isaacson, St. John the Baptist, Plattsmouth
20 years, Father Lawrence Stoley, Education Office, Lincoln
20 years, Father Charles Townsend, Bishop Neumann, Wahoo
15 years, Father Loras Grell, Sacred Heart, Lawrence
10 years, Father Thomas Brouillette, St. Cecilia, Hastings
10 years, Father Douglas Dietrich, St. Mary, Lincoln
10 years, Monsignor James Reinert, St. Joseph, York

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