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Young women’s Bible study underway in Wahoo

Story by Lesa Tines

WAHOO (SNR) - Alexis Woita and Mckenzie Fujan began a womens’ Bible study at Bishop Neumann High School in Wahoo, hoping to share a different perspective of the lessons contained in the Bible.

“So far we have discussed things such as love, sin, strength in our faith, being a Proverbs 31 woman and trust in the Lord,” Mckenzie said of the study that began during the fall.

Woita and Fujan wanted to make the meeting as informal as possible.

“Usually Alexis and I pick out a Bible verse, a song, quote or reading that really speaks to us.”

With the topic set before the group, the discussion begins. It’s a different approach from the formal religion class offered to the students during their school day. Mckenzie said she likes to think of the Bible study as a way to talk about the Bible, saints, and the Church in a way that helps the members of the group become the best women they can be.

“I think it makes it all more relatable,” she said. The ladies have also invited guest speakers to the study. “We had a guest speaker who had been through a really tough time in her life,” Mckenzie said. This was one of the group’s favorite topics and the ladies enjoyed hearing how life’s struggles helped this woman grow in her faith.

“It was so inspiring.” she added.

Forming the study has been beneficial not only to the students who attend, but also to the leaders.

“It has been such an eye-opening experience for me,” Mckenzie said, adding that the students in the group have inspired her to grow in faith. “If these are the kind of women that Bishop Neumann High School and the Lincoln Diocese are creating, I can not wait to see where they can take us.”

The Bible Study meets Sundays at 7 p.m. Around 10-15 young women attend the class which is held in a house owned by St. Wenceslaus Parish in Wahoo.  The study is open to both public and private school students in grades 9-12, although Fujan said their attempts to evangelize to the ladies at Wahoo Public School hasn’t been successful.

“That doesn’t mean we won’t keep trying.” she added.

Those interested in participating in the Bible study should contact Bishop Neumann High School for more information at 402-443-4151.

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