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Celebrating February’s saints

Learn about the saints and enjoy activities to help remember their stories or develop virtues. Find a saint and activity each day of the month at www.TodayWithTheSaints.blogspot.com.

February 3: Saint Blaise
Saint Blaise was a bishop in Armenia during the eighth century. Once, a little boy had a fish bone stuck in his throat and couldn’t breathe. Saint Blaise healed him.

Activity: Go to a local Catholic parish for Mass where you can also receive the Blessing of Throats on Saint Blaise Day. Two candles are blessed and crossed against the throat as the priest prays for you to avoid illness – a great thing during cold and flu season!

February 9: Saint Apollonia
Apollonia was an important woman in the Church in the third century, when Christianity was against the law. An angry mob hit her in the face until all her teeth were knocked out. Then they built a big fire and told her to renounce Jesus or they would throw her into it. Apollonia chose the flames instead of denying Christ.

Activity: Saint Apollonia is the patroness of toothaches and dental diseases. Today, pray for anybody you know who has a dental problem… and be sure you floss and brush your teeth well to take care of them!

February 17: Saint Alexis Falconieri
Alexis was one of seven men from Florence who saw a vision of the Blessed Virgin and started a new order called the Servants of Mary. The other six became priests, while Alexis helped build their church and he managed all the little details that had to be handled every day.

Activity: In every parish, there is somebody just like Saint Alexis Falconieri who is in charge of many little details. Most of the time, these people are not noticed. Today, write an email or short note thanking the person who keeps things running smoothly at your parish.

February 21: St. Peter Damian
Peter was orphaned when he was very young. He went to live with one of his big brothers, who treated him terribly. Another brother, who was a priest, sent him to school. There, Peter learned to love Jesus. When Peter grew up, he became a monk. He studied the Bible all the time, and he wrote several books about God.

Activity: One of Saint Peter Damian’s most important works was all about the power of God. It is still used in seminaries and universities all over the world. Today, read Psalm 46, which is also about the power of God.

February 27: St. Leander of Seville
Born in Spain, Leander was a monk who later became bishop of Seville. He taught the two princes of Seville about Jesus, and they became Christians. This made the king so angry, he exiled Leander to Constantinople.

Activity: Because Saint Leander was a holy man, he was very good at inspiring other people to a deep faith in the Lord. Since he and three of his siblings all became saints, they must have been good at inspiring each other. Today, think of a way you can inspire your brother or sister to love Jesus more than they already do.

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