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Kindergarten books donated by memorial fund

FALLS CITY (FCS/ SNR) – For the second year in a row, every kindergarten student in Falls City – both at Sacred Heart and the local public school – received a brand-new book from the Scholastic Spring Book Fair.

The books were donated as a gift in memory of Diana Kottich, who died in December 2014 from ovarian cancer. Diana was a teacher with the public school system for several years. She spent the last part of her career teaching kindergarten, and her family said the young students held a special place in her heart. Diana had a passion for reading and felt it was important to pass it on to her students.

“We are very fortunate that Steve Kottich continues to keep Diana’s love of reading alive through the young students at both Sacred Heart and Falls City Public,” Sacred Heart librarian Angela Simon said.

Each child gets to choose a book from a selection that students are able to read and comprehend at the kindergarten level. Libraries at both locations benefit from funds provided by the program based on the profit of the sales.

Simon, kindergarten teacher Linda Barnhill and Steve Kottich, Diana’s husband and an alumnus of Sacred Heart distributed the books to students with Diana’s daughter and granddaughter, teacher Erin Waller and preschool student Stella Waller.

“My favorite part about receiving a book was taking a picture with my class and Mr. Kottich,” kindergarten student Adrian Coetzee said. “I picked the Nic Bishop book about spiders. I love the book and like that I can read it myself.” 

This year 63 books were donated to Falls City students on behalf of the Diana Kottich Memorial Fund.

- From Caitlin Cooper

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