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Celebrating May’s saints

Learn about the saints and enjoy activities to help remember their stories or develop virtues. Find a saint and activity each day of the month at www.TodayWithTheSaints.blogspot.com.

May 1: Saint Joseph the Worker
We don’t know much about the foster-father of Jesus, other than the fact that he was a man of great faith. Joseph took his role of husband and father seriously, and would do anything to protect Jesus and Mary, including escaping in the middle of the night when the angel warned him.

Activity: Saint Joseph worked very hard to provide shelter for Mary and Jesus. Because he was a carpenter, and because it’s spring and birds are looking for safe places for their own families, build a birdhouse today! You can get an easy kit from most hardware or craft stores.

May 7: Saint Rose Venerini
Rose was studying to become a religious sister, but she had to leave to take care of her mother. Rose started leading the rosary for all the girls and women in the neighborhood every evening and teaching them more about their faith. Even though she had to be at home, Rose always did what God wanted her to do.

Activity: Praying the rosary as a family every evening can help keep everyone tuned in to what God wants each of you to do. If you are not doing this devotional – or if you’ve fallen out of the habit, start praying together again today.

May 16: Saint Simon Stock
Vicar General of a Carmelite community, Saint Simon Stock had to deal with problems like not having enough money or arguments between the brothers. When Simon was praying about this, he saw a vision of the Blessed Mother with a brown scapular. She told him that it would make a difference for his order, and it did, very rapidly.

Activity: Any Catholic can wear a brown scapular – even a baby – but the scapular must be blessed and “imposed” by a priest. If you don’t have a brown scapular, get one today – you can even get one for free from FreeBrownScapular.org.

May 23: Saint Julia
Saint Julia was born in South Africa and raised Christian, but she was captured and sold as a slave. Julia served her master as she would serve Christ, doing every task to the best of her ability. Even though he was a pagan, Julia’s master respected her and her faith.

Activity: Because Julia was a slave, she was not able to speak to her master about Jesus. Instead, she showed him what Christians were like by being honest, hard-working and devout. Find a way to let Christ’s love shine through you in what you do and how you do it.  

May 31: Saint Hermias
Because Christianity was illegal, Saint Hermias was arrested and tortured eight different ways. He lived in a fiery furnace for three days without being burned, and twice he was forced to drink poison. Hermias made the Sign of the Cross over the poison and it didn’t kill him.

Activity: Celebrate Saint Hermias’ faith with an Indian drink called “zair,” which means poison but it isn’t. Put a scoop of partially thawed limeade in your glass. Sprinkle one quarter teaspoon of Indian Kala Namak salt or black sea salt over the slush, then stir in one cup of lemon-lime soda and some ice cubes.

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