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“I Got It!” by David Wiesner. Houghton Mifflin, New York, 2018, 32 pages, K-1.

“I Got It!” by David Wiesner.
Houghton Mifflin, New York, 2018, 32 pages, K-1.

Picture books are some of the most delightful readers in all of children’s literature. Kindergartners and first-graders “read” picture books by looking at the illustrations and through these pictures begin understanding the story.

Within the world of picture books, there are wordless picture books and nearly-wordless picture books. When there are no words or only several words, the illustrations must lead the youngsters through the plot. These books are fun to read because so much is occurring in the pictures.

David Wiesner is a famous writer and illustrator in the field of children’s literature. Though he tends to be on the zany side, this book is quite the opposite. Here he shows a baseball game being played. All of the players are trying their best. The name of this fun title is “I Got It!”

A young boy decides to go to the baseball diamond and see if a game is going on. Sure enough, there are a number of children already playing. He asks to join a team and is looked at skeptically. How do the children know if he is any good? The leader of the team decides he needs to prove that he is capable of playing and sends him to the outfield to catch balls.

A batter smashes a drive into the outfield. The ball sails high in the air. The child runs after the long fly and thinks that he can catch it. He begins shouting, “I Got It.” The other children watch with bated breath. As the ball comes down, the boy figures he will catch it.

But alas, when he reaches for the ball, it rolls out of his glove. He has made an error. He has goofed up. The other children put their hands over their eyes is disbelief. How did he not catch the ball? But they decide to give the child a second chance. A hitter crushes a ball and it soars into the sky. The boy knows this is his chance to redeem himself. He runs and runs and thinks he can get the fly.

But disaster strikes. He is so intent on catching the ball that he does not see a tree at the end of the outfield. He runs smack dab into the tree and half knocks himself out.

Now the other players are really doubtful that he has any baseball ability. They give him one last chance. A third ball is hammered into the air. The boy starts sprinting after the ball as it soars into the heights. He shouts for a third time, “I Got It!” The other children hold their breath. What happens?

Does the boy catch the ball? Do the other players help him? Have you ever played baseball? It is not as easy as it sometimes looks. Why is it so important to keep trying? What does the boy accomplish? To find out the answers to these and other questions, go to the library and check out this enjoyable nearly-wordless picture book, “I Got It!” by David Wiesner.

This is a fun story to share with others. You have to just keep rooting for the boy as he tries to run down these difficult fly balls. The conclusion is very satisfying. If you want to read an entertaining story with a very young member of your family, this is it. I hope you will like it as much as I did. Enjoy!

Terrence Nollen




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