Inventory reduction sale

By Fr. Christopher Kubat 

Those who have kept up with the happenings of CSS through the years might remember our Rolling Thrift Stores of happy memory.

This is when we set aside several semi-trailer loads of furniture and appliances and shipped them across the diocese… from Falls City in the southeast, to Imperial out west, and multiple towns in between. Invitations were sent to needy individuals and families and items were sold anywhere from $10 to $25. Since people generally do not like giveaways, because ‘there must be something wrong with an item that is free,’ things were sold at low prices. Since a coupon was included with every invitation, it essentially always was a giveaway, on a grand scale. We used local parish volunteers as helpers.

Recently, we did a similar thing in Lincoln and called it an ‘Inventory Reduction Sale.’ Invitations were sent to needy individuals and families, with a coupon. All items were priced at $10 and included almost entirely furniture and appliances. Thanks to Craig Smith and his family at Speedway Properties, we used a vacant building a few blocks west of our main office on O Street. It was a collaborative effort with Catholic Social Services and the Society of St. Vincent DePaul.

I often think of a needy family who came to us for food a while back. We noticed the father had some back pain. We later learned that he was not the only one in the family that had back discomfort, for all of the family members were sleeping on the floor because they lacked beds and other furniture items. The children were balancing their cereal bowls on the window sills because they did not have a kitchen table and chairs.

Needless to say, from our warehouse, we were able to furnish their apartment with what they needed.

During this sale I recalled this story after hearing that one of the recipients of this event was an elderly man who lived by himself. He was grateful for the help because at home he only had a table and chairs and nothing more. We were able to help him, much like the family mentioned above.

I would like to thank Craig Smith and his family for this wonderful gift of allowing us to use one of their buildings for this event; the many benefactors who donated the items we were able to ‘give’ away; and our staff and volunteers and the SVDP members who helped make this day a success. They all did it for Jesus Christ, Who lives in the poor and needy in a special way.

As we continue celebrating the definitive victory of Jesus Christ over sin and death this Easter season let us cherish these words: the Lord is Risen, Alleluia!

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