Welcome, Father Fulton!

By Father Christopher Kubat   

For those who read the Southern Nebraska Register, you know that Father Justin Fulton was appointed the assistant director of Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska.

Father Fulton was born and raised in Auburn, and attended UNL where he received a degree in 2003 in finance and marketing. He later completed a master’s degree in organizational management-entrepreneurial and economic development from Peru State College in 2008. After working in the world as a supervisor at State Farm, he went on to attend St. Gregory the Great Seminary in Seward, and St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, and was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Conley May 23, 2015. I am starting to feel old now….

On Father Fulton’s second day on the job, we traveled to Hastings to attend the Bountiful Harvest corporate and banquet meetings. Bountiful Harvest is an awards banquet in which we celebrate what CSS has done by the grace of God and the generosity of our donors in the center and western portions of the Diocese of Lincoln. Last year, out of the Hastings office, CSS provided over $1 million in services to more than 3,600 individuals, representing 46,000 points of contact.

Our corporate committee is composed of faith-filled individuals who assist in soliciting corporate and individual donations, while the banquet committee plans the evening festivities and chooses the person or persons who will receive the Caritas Christi Award.

After the corporate committee meeting, Father Fulton, Jack Crowley and I went on a few fundraising calls. In one of the office buildings in the near downtown area, Father Fulton noticed an old college and fraternity pal’s name on the marquee.

“Going to go up and see if he remembers me!” Father Fulton said. Of course they remembered each other and within a few minutes, Father Fulton gave him a corporate brochure and was asking for a donation. Father did a marvelous job relating the mission of CSS.

When all was said and done, I piped in and said to the potential donor, “Now don’t mess this up… this is his VERY FIRST ask!!” With that we all laughed. “No pressure,” I added.

Another way our donors can help is with our upcoming golf tourney and silent auction. Not all people across the diocese can golf in our upcoming tournament Aug. 10. Since this is an on-line auction, bidding may begin the week of Aug. 6. In addition, anybody anywhere in the diocese or world can bid on any of the items remotely. They don’t call it the World Wide Web for nothing.

Items range from a trip to Grand Cayman, golf trips, dine out packages, dinner prepared by Father Brian Connor and yours truly, a 2004 Toyota Highlander, Trek 820 bike, pheasant hunt, chocolate Labrador puppy and many other awesome items.

To register and begin bidding, visit or our website at to register. All proceeds will support the work of CSS, and remember, please help us welcome Father Fulton with your prayers. Thank you!

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