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By Fr. Christopher Kubat  

Because I did not stop growing until I reached 6’4”, I distinctly remember as a child my mother taking me winter coat shopping every one to two years. I was born six weeks prematurely and know that if I would have been a full-term infant, I would now be much taller!

In buying a coat, the decision always involved getting one with a hood or not. Having a hood was always a great extra feature for those days that were especially cold and windy. They came in real handy during recess time, my favorite class. 

On Saturday, Oct. 27, the Knights of Columbus conducted their third annual all-city Knights of Columbus “Coats for Kids” giveaway at our main office (located on our beautiful St. Joseph Campus in Lincoln). They purchased multiple cases of brand-new Knightsgear coats at $215.90 a case. In addition, other new coats, hats and gloves were on hand.

Before the doors opened, I noticed a line that stretched around the corner of our building. God blessed us with a fairly balmy bluebird fall day. Parents brought their children in and each had the opportunity to try the coats on prior to taking them home.

In addition to numerous Knights, their wives and children, we were blessed with the presence of state deputy Lou Gasper, some of the Marian Sisters, the Knights of the Holy Eucharist, and Father Kenneth Borowiak. All pitched in to help.

After getting a coat, delicious hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies were served. It is a secret known only to God how many cookies were consumed by the patrons and volunteers. Yes, there were PLENTY! All of the children and their parents left our office happy and very grateful.

I would like to thank the Knights of Columbus for their generosity and all who supported this annual event in any way. When the real cold weather comes to Nebraska, just remember that because of your efforts, many children will be warm on the playground during recess like we were those many years ago!

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