Always in a hurry

By Father Christopher Kubat  

Doesn’t it seem we are often in a hurry? And why does it seem when we need to leave for an appointment or an engagement, something pops up that needs our immediate attention?

Not long ago, while being in a hurry to leave the office for an out-of-town appointment, I found myself helping a middle-aged married family man fill out an application for assistance. He desperately needed help with December’s rent. Fortunately, I had a few minutes to spare.

After this encounter, as I started walking out the door, I was told by my administrative assistant there was someone else in the lobby who wanted to talk to me. Thinking I still had a small cushion of time, I headed for the lobby where I found a man I have known for many years. He is someone who I believe bounces back and forth from group homes to homelessness. He was the one who stopped me once while I was gassing up at a convenience store and asked me to buy him some food.

This time, all he wanted was for me to pray with him, for whenever he comes in for a cup of coffee, I invite him in the chapel with me for a quick prayer. As we knelt down before the Blessed Sacrament, I asked him what he wanted me to pray for. He then informed me that ‘they’ want him to return to Europe for that is where ‘they’ need his help and President Trump knows all about it. After a prayer and blessing I told him he is a beloved son of God the Father. He gratefully and happily left after saying he is “the only son of Jesus.”

After saying goodbye, he pointed at an elderly woman in the lobby and said, “She is a Russian!” The elderly “Russian” woman turned out not to be Russian but the person my administrative assistant said wanted to talk to me. It was then I knew I would be late for my out-of-town appointment.

After saying hello, I learned she was a homeless woman who had her bus ticket to California stolen. She had finally scraped the funds together for a ticket so she could be with her family. After pointing her in the right direction for help I was able to make my appointment, albeit late, with a couple who wanted to help CSS help the poor.

It was a fruitful meeting. They did not mind in the least I was a few minutes late.  Later, as I reflected on the day, the first person I met with was Jesus Christ in the adoration chapel at North American Martyrs Church. After this most important meeting, I met with the above-mentioned persons in need, followed by a couple who wanted to help us financially, which makes it possible to help those in need.

As we continue our Advent preparation for Christmas, let us meditate on how the Virgin Mary spent the first part of her first Advent, hurrying to her Cousin Elizabeth’s side to help her through her pregnancy with St. John the Baptist. By her intercession, we will be able to balance our busy daily lives.

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