Body and soul

By Fr. Christopher Kubat   

Remember when it was windy and below zero? It was at that time a single woman with multiple children of various ages came to our office. She was with her oldest child. He was hungry, shivering, and without a coat.

After a hot breakfast, we assessed what the mother needed. We discovered that the entire family was in need of coats, blankets, pillows, and food. Luckily, we had all of the items. In addition, because of several generous donors, we were also able to give the mother some gift cards to a local store and some gas vouchers for her car. Fortunately, we have some friends of the agency that will be following the family to assess future needs.

All of these things listed above treated their bodies… but what about their souls? The day they came to us, we were having Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. While we were in the process of rounding up the above-mentioned items, I informed them that we had Jesus in the office, brought them in the chapel and after kneeling down, asked Our Blessed Lord to bless them; to help them spiritually. We wanted to help their bodies and souls.

Like always, it was a moving experience. After exiting our beautiful St. Joseph Chapel, I told them that when I bring people into the chapel, especially homeless individuals, I usually witness tears of joy.

Right after this, we were able to help a couple with rent assistance. They are soon expecting their first child. They were living paycheck to paycheck and fell behind after the father lost his job. Because the economy is good, he had just started a new job, but needed part of this month’s rent to avoid eviction and homelessness.

Because of the generosity of our loving donors, we were able to help both families. For those reading this column, please spread the word about the good things we are able to do for families to avoid homelessness and for homeless families to exit homelessness. Please encourage others to help out as well. 

Please also pray and spread the word about our St. Christopher Car Program because we desperately need more vehicles to give away to individuals and families. In today’s society, it is almost impossible to find and maintain meaningful employment without transportation. 

St. Christopher, pray for us!

Fr. Christopher Kubat

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