The Goals of Diocesan Education are:

  • To offer instruction in Catholic doctrine and morals
  • To provide an environment supportive of religious values.
  • To form students in the practice of prayer
  • To form students in the practice of virtue
  • To provide opportunities to participate in the Church's Liturgy and devotions.
  • To foster the practice of spiritual and corporal works of mercy.
  • To form structures and programs that unite parents, schools, and Church in the work of Catholic education
  • To impart knowledge and skills, develop understanding, and cultivate appreciation for the basic academic subjects
  • To help students learn to think logically , critically and wisely
  • To promote character development, personal integrity, self-reliance, responsibility, perception of beauty, wholesome use of leisure, sound social attitudes and habits, and good physical and mental health.
  • To lead students to hear and respond to God's call to holiness, a particular state in life, apostolic action and heaven.

Lincoln Diocesan Schools by the Numbers

3.6% of the students are non-Catholic in the Diocesan Schools

7.4% of the students in the Diocesan Schools have special learning needs

13 – average years of experience per teacher

14 –number of different AP course taught in the Diocesan High Schools

14.2% - minority students in the Diocesan schools

15.2% of the students in the Diocesan Schools qualify for free-reduced lunch program

32.8% - teachers with advanced degrees

33 – number of Diocesan schools – 6 high schools and 27 grade schools

$4,393 – average per pupil cost to educate in the Catholic schools 2012-2013

7,671 – PK-12 Students enrolled in Catholic Schools in 2013-2014

$10,710 – statewide per Pupil Cost 2011-2012 (most recent data available)

$81.8 million – estimated dollar amount the Lincoln Diocesan Schools saved the State of Nebraska in 2011-2012 

$20 billion – estimated dollar amount Catholic schools across the nation save states annually in the cost to educate students in the 2009-2010 school year

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