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Film ‘Restless Heart’ worth seeing, sharing with friends

Grace builds upon nature. In the Christian life, our natural virtues, abilities, passions and temperament are elevated and sanctified as we grow in holiness—in relationship with Jesus Christ.

As a bishop, I’m privileged to see the way the Lord uses the gifts he has given each of us in service to the kingdom of God.

Men and women become great saints as they embrace the Gospel with their whole personalities. As they allow God to use them exactly as they are. In service to the kingdom, good listeners become great confessors, like St. John Vianney. Good scholars become good teachers and spiritual guides, like St. Teresa of Avila. And good orators become good preachers and leaders, like St. Augustine of Hippo.

"Restless Heart," a newly released movie from Ignatius Press, is the story of St. Augustine’s embrace of the Gospel—and a beautiful portrayal of the sanctification of his rich humanity.

The movie tells the story of the young Augustine, who aspired to the greatness of Roman orators and lawyers he heard as a child. It captures his worldly success, and the brilliance of a man who would change the Church forever. "Restless Heart" portrays exactly how much St. Augustine gave up to accept the Gospel, and how difficult it must have been. It is the story of God preparing a heart to encounter the heart of Jesus.

"Our hearts are restless," said St. Augustine, "until they rest in you." Augustine’s heart was restless before he met the Lord, but it was not empty or cold. "Restless Heart" portrays a man whose heart brimmed with love, with ambition, with sadness and with hope. In his conversion, the Lord used all that filled Augustine’s heart. The Augustine of "Restless Heart" was a full, living character. The portrayal of St. Augustine’s humanity makes this a movie worth seeing and worth sharing with friends.

We sometimes forget that saints become holy over time—that no one, save the Blessed Mother, is born with an intimate relationship with the Blessed Trinity. God prepares us, step by step, to know him, and to serve him, with all that we are. "Restless Heart" is a wonderful portrayal of God’s preparation, and St. Augustine’s service. May it encourage each of us to rest our hearts in Him.

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