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To Restore All Things in Christ

When Pope St. Pius X was elected the Bishop of Rome in 1903, he said that his pontificate would have only one mission: "To restore all things in Christ."

At the time of his election, the world needed restoration. The world was on the cusp of one of the most violent and bloody centuries in its history. In many places, the Church was riddled with confusion and disarray.

When Pope Pius X surveyed the world around him, he concluded "there is but one party… capable of restoring peace in the midst of all this turmoil, and that is the party of God."

Christ and his Church, said Pope Pius X, are capable of restoring peace in the midst of turmoil.

Earlier this week, Pius X High School in Lincoln found itself in the midst of turmoil.

On Monday morning, a student was attacked, and sent to the hospital. Police locked down the school as they secured the building, and searched for a suspect. For hours, they searched the school. Students sat in lockdown, waiting for the situation to resolve.

Christ brought peace to Pius X High School in the midst of turmoil. When chaos broke out at Pius, the principal Mr. Tom Korta and the leadership team at Pius acted swiftly and decisively to bring peace. Lincoln police did the same. And our students responded to crisis with maturity and virtue. Turmoil broke out at Pius X this week. But Christ has begun restoring peace.

An administrator shared with me the experience of watching Sister Maria Meza, M.S., standing in the hallway, hugging students as they passed. Father Meysenburg and his brother priests prayed with every student who desired it. And the school’s counseling team, and teachers, and coaches, and administrators, made sure that every student knew that Jesus Christ was present at Pius X High School.

Students organized a Rosary on Monday evening at Saint Peter Parish in Lincoln, asking Our Lady of the Rosary on her feast day to restore peace and healing to all those traumatized by the events of the day. Hundreds of students participated.

I don’t know why violence broke out at Pius. Even as more facts unfold, we’ll understand very little. We can not assign motives or blame. Violence is always the consequence of the mystery of evil: of sinfulness, or sickness, or confusion. Violence ensnares those who act violently, and those who are harmed. When evil acts, it seeks to destroy.

But we know that Christ restores all things. This week, I am praying for restoration at Pius X High School. I am praying that a sense of security will be restored; that a sense of peace will reign. And I am praying that all who were involved in Monday’s incident—in any capacity—will know the restoring peace of Jesus Christ.

I am proud of the leadership and the students of Pius X High School. I am proud of the way they dealt with this unexpected and unforeseen act of violence and chaos. They responded with grace and integrity.

We have hope, as Christians. We can hope for God’s enduring mercy. We can hope for healing, and wholeness. In 1903, Pope St. Pius X asked "Who will prevent us from hoping that the flame of Christian charity may dispel the darkness from all minds and bring all to light and the peace of God?" May nothing prevent us from our hope in Jesus Christ.

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