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By Fr. Christopher Kubat  

I recently paid a visit to St. Louise Gift & Thrift, one of our four thrift stores. Having thrift stores across the diocese has been a blessing. In many of my letters and publications, I ask people to consider donating items not needed from around their farms and homes. These items are either given away directly to needy individuals or families, or sold at one of our thrift stores. The profits used to pay rent, utilities, a charity grant for counseling at our Immaculate Heart of Mary Counseling Center, or for some other individual need.

After walking in the back door of St. Louise. I found all of the employees gathered behind Mark Main, the store manager, as he led them in prayer. I was edified, to say the least. After snapping a picture of the backs of their heads, I headed out to the retail floor and chatted with some of the customers. One man shopping in the men’s clothing section informed me that he likes shopping there because of the wonderful sales and service. Another man nearby concurred.

Then in the furniture section, I ran into a woman who noticed a unique metal piece that held a large glass vase meant to hold decorative flowers. I must admit I’d never seeing anything quite like it before. After discussing that seasonal flowers can be placed in the vase on a rotating basis, she decided to purchase it.

After thanking her, I asked the other three women standing by what they liked best about St. Louise. They agreed that in addition to having nice items, they are all clean – ready to be placed in a house or apartment.

When someone visits one of our thrift stores for the first time, they are all universally surprised that they do not look like any other thrift stores they have been in. The quality of merchandise is tremendous and how they are displayed is unique. You could say they are like boutiques.

For those who have never been in our thrift stores, I would like to invite you to visit. Our St. Francis Gift & Thrift is at 1014 Central Ave. in Auburn; St. Louise Gift & Thrift is at 2201 O St. in Lincoln; St. Joseph Gift & Thrift Store is at 325 W 2nd St. in Hastings; and our St. Isidore Gift & Thrift is at 527 Broadway St. in Imperial. You too will be amazed at what you see. Some of the items are brand-spanking new!

The best part? After making a purchase, you will be happy you came away with a deal while at the same time, you’re helping the poor and needy because the profits are used to help those in need. Have a blessed 2019!

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