It doesn’t take much

By Fr. Christopher Kubat  

When individuals and their families are living paycheck to paycheck, it doesn’t take much to upset the apple cart and create a financial crisis. Not long ago, a priest in the diocese received a call from a woman who is straddling between her middle and elderly years. She was in crisis mode.

She is a woman living alone, just barely making it on what she is receiving monthly from the government. She is unable to work from a medical standpoint.

From time to time, people would stop by her small home for a visit. Unfortunately, on one such occasion, one such visitor did not come alone. Normally this would not be a problem but this time the extra visitors were troublemakers – big time. They were bed bugs.

Before too long, she had a house full of unwanted guests and wondered how she was going to pay for their ‘eviction.’

After a visit from the pastor mentioned above, the situation was verified and he called us to see if there was anything we could do to help her out. He said she was living on a small amount of money from the government each month and because her margin was razor-thin she reached out to him.

After two treatments, she was ‘visitor free,’ and very grateful.

There are many people who are living on disability for physical, psychological reasons or both. As you can imagine, when something like the above happens, or an unexpected medical, auto or home expense pops up, they are in big trouble. It really doesn’t take much for someone to be in financial peril.

Thanks to the generosity of the people of southern Nebraska, we were able to step in and help. I have talked to the above mentioned priest and he is able to check in with her periodically, not only to see if she is doing well from a physical standpoint, but also from a spiritual standpoint.

Helping those in need from a purely material standpoint is nice but helping someone from a spiritual standpoint is the ultimate goal of charity, helping one save their souls with the grace of God.

At Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska, we like to see Jesus in the clients we help and hope they see Jesus in us who are your arms and hands of charity. Please never forget that we at Catholic Social Services not only pray for the people we serve, but for all those who pray for us, donate material items to us, and assist us financially so we can help individuals like the lady mentioned above.

Thank you for all you do for Jesus Who lives in the poor and needy in a special way!

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